How Another Woman's Stare Empowered Me

Back in June Honest Mum posted a photo of herself on holiday, she was wearing her bikini. The photo got attention from other blogging mums and we were all moved by Vicki's strength. 

As a result Vicki wrote a blog post and prompted us all to join her, posting photos of ourselves in our bikinis and tagging them #proudinmybikini

How Another Woman's Stare Empowered Me | Morgan's Milieu: Morgan Prince, in a bikini, at Daytona Beach
At Daytona Beach soaking up the rays - still no tan though. Bikini from Tesco, F&F.

It was a great idea and I watched as other blogging mums posted their bikini photos. I liked, shared, and retweeted their photos and thought about sharing my own. I was due to go on holiday for the summer, the perfect opportunity to get a few snaps of me in my bikini. 

After a few weeks I'd lost interest in the idea, I didn't fancy posting a photo of myself with all my wobbly bits hanging out. I was too self-conscious.

Fast forward a couple of months...

While on holiday we visited water parks and I wore my bikini. I love my bikinis and am actually proud of my body (for the most part). Of course wearing a bikini on holiday doesn't matter because anyone who sees you is never going to see you again, right? But I would never post a photo of myself online.

At least that's what I thought at the time.

Then something prompted me to act.

As I stood (in my bikini) waiting for Little Prince to take a zip-line into the pool I happened to glance at another woman beside me. She was a little shorter than me, a little rounder than me (is that okay to say? No judgement), and she was covered up. This woman was wearing a bathing suit, it covered most of her body from her neck to her thighs. 

She was staring at me.

I could see in her eyes that she thought I shouldn't be wearing such revealing swimwear and I should cover up. Without saying a word she judged my choice of swimwear. 

I was horrified. 

I'd been judged. I was at the lowest weight I'd been at for years, I felt healthy and happy, and yet this woman I didn't know was judging my choices. 

I don't normally get so wound up about these things but that one look made my mind up. The next time I was wearing my bikini and the Hubby had his phone I was taking a photo to share online. I would tag it as Vicki had asked, and prove that anyone can wear anything they choose.

Chillin' in lazy river - as you do.

Sometimes we get bogged down in all the 'dieting' or getting 'beach ready' and are made to feel like we're not quite good enough. Not having a flat tummy, a glowing tan, and defined muscles makes us feel inadequate. 

I think of my body in a different way.

My body is a miracle worker.

I have given birth. Twice. Babies were conceived, grew, and were nourished by my body. I am proud of that.

Okay so I have a wobbly tummy that is covered in large scars. They are my trophies. Like a runner that runs a marathon and is presented with a medal my stretch marks are evidence of my achievement. I will never have a strong flat tummy again, and that's okay.

The media has persuaded us that we're not good enough.

They're wrong.

We are good enough.

We can wear a bikini.

We can wear whatever we like.

I urge you to share a photo of yourself in your bikini, tag it with #proudinmybikini, and let's prove to the media that you don't have to have a flat tummy to be beautiful.