How Another Woman's Stare Empowered Me

Back in June Honest Mum posted a photo of herself on holiday, she was wearing her bikini. The photo got attention from other blogging mums and we were all moved by Vicki's strength. 

As a result Vicki wrote a blog post and prompted us all to join her, posting photos of ourselves in our bikinis and tagging them #proudinmybikini

How Another Woman's Stare Empowered Me | Morgan's Milieu: Morgan Prince, in a bikini, at Daytona Beach
At Daytona Beach soaking up the rays - still no tan though. Bikini from Tesco, F&F.

It was a great idea and I watched as other blogging mums posted their bikini photos. I liked, shared, and retweeted their photos and thought about sharing my own. I was due to go on holiday for the summer, the perfect opportunity to get a few snaps of me in my bikini. 

After a few weeks I'd lost interest in the idea, I didn't fancy posting a photo of myself with all my wobbly bits hanging out. I was too self-conscious.

Fast forward a couple of months...

While on holiday we visited water parks and I wore my bikini. I love my bikinis and am actually proud of my body (for the most part). Of course wearing a bikini on holiday doesn't matter because anyone who sees you is never going to see you again, right? But I would never post a photo of myself online.

At least that's what I thought at the time.

Then something prompted me to act.

As I stood (in my bikini) waiting for Little Prince to take a zip-line into the pool I happened to glance at another woman beside me. She was a little shorter than me, a little rounder than me (is that okay to say? No judgement), and she was covered up. This woman was wearing a bathing suit, it covered most of her body from her neck to her thighs. 

She was staring at me.

I could see in her eyes that she thought I shouldn't be wearing such revealing swimwear and I should cover up. Without saying a word she judged my choice of swimwear. 

I was horrified. 

I'd been judged. I was at the lowest weight I'd been at for years, I felt healthy and happy, and yet this woman I didn't know was judging my choices. 

I don't normally get so wound up about these things but that one look made my mind up. The next time I was wearing my bikini and the Hubby had his phone I was taking a photo to share online. I would tag it as Vicki had asked, and prove that anyone can wear anything they choose.

Chillin' in lazy river - as you do.

Sometimes we get bogged down in all the 'dieting' or getting 'beach ready' and are made to feel like we're not quite good enough. Not having a flat tummy, a glowing tan, and defined muscles makes us feel inadequate. 

I think of my body in a different way.

My body is a miracle worker.

I have given birth. Twice. Babies were conceived, grew, and were nourished by my body. I am proud of that.

Okay so I have a wobbly tummy that is covered in large scars. They are my trophies. Like a runner that runs a marathon and is presented with a medal my stretch marks are evidence of my achievement. I will never have a strong flat tummy again, and that's okay.

The media has persuaded us that we're not good enough.

They're wrong.

We are good enough.

We can wear a bikini.

We can wear whatever we like.

I urge you to share a photo of yourself in your bikini, tag it with #proudinmybikini, and let's prove to the media that you don't have to have a flat tummy to be beautiful.



  1. Ah good for you Morgan and you look fab! It is so awful that you saw such judgement in her eyes. As much as the media is terrible for only portraying one body type, we women are worse because we buy into it and many of us do judge other women and ourselves. I think the key is you feel happy with the way you look and it shows. That's what's important! Xx

    1. Thanks so much Caroline! You're right too, women can be so terrible to one another and it makes me sad. I think we should all support one another, we'd all be much happier. xx

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  3. Good for you and shame on that woman. When women are tearing each down instead of raising each other up it's a sad state of affairs. I love your bikini and I think you look fab in it! #allaboutyou

    1. Thank you! You're right of course, we should build each other up. xx

  4. Well said and you.should wear that bikini and Wear with pride and the amazing achievement It has been through X

  5. I think you look fab in your bikini and shame on that woman for looking at you that way. Great post :) #allaboutyou

  6. Go for it Sister - you look bloody gorgeous! You are braver than me and that woman should be ashamed - we all judge and I don't even really have a problem with that - what I have problem with is using our judgement to have an effect on others. It is just wrong. Keep it to yourself. Anyone enough negative energy on that chick - she was clearly just jealous! Love your work Morgan. Mel xx #allaboutyou

    1. Thank you Mel that means a lot.

      I couldn't agree more, it's human nature to judge but just don't use it to hurt someone. Very well put. xx

  7. Good for you!! And I have to say you look AMAZING! How dare others judge. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  8. What a stunning photograph! A fantastic memory to treasure forever! Lovely read too! Suz x

    1. Thanks Suz, it's a beautiful place. :)

  9. Beautiful photo! And good on you for being so brave and ignoring those judgmental people!
    Thank you so much for linking up to #justanotherlinky

    1. Thank you Bethan, it certainly took a lot of courage. xx

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