What I Love About Being Back at Home

This is my first post since getting back from Orlando on Saturday, I needed a few days to recover from the holiday and jetlag. It was an amazing trip and none of us wanted to come home, but it was tiring.

I often hear of people having 'the blues' when arriving back at home after a holiday. The sadness of leaving the lovely resort, the wonderful people and that holiday feeling behind, can linger for a long time. I won't let this happen.

I was prepared.

What I Love About Being Home | Morgan's Milieu: A view of a sunny garden and green fields in the distance
I missed this view!

A few days before returning home I started to think about the things I'd missed. I began to look forward to being home and saw the bright side of the end of the holiday. 

Here's a few of the things I missed while on holiday:

1.  My bed

This is a biggie! Although the bed in the Animal Kingdom Lodge was comfortable it was nothing compared to my own bed. My memory foam mattress is perfect because I like to sleep on my back but I couldn't do that at the hotel, it wasn't comfortable enough. The more I thought about my bed the more I looked forward to that first sleep!

2.  Reclining chairs and TV

This might sound dull but the Hubby and I love watching movies and TV series and we sit in reclining chairs while doing so. We've had those chairs for about 12 years now and I miss them every time we go away. Sitting in peace (with the kids in bed) and watching our favourite shows is one of those things we'll never stop doing. 

3.  Separate rooms

On holiday we had one hotel room, obviously, but after six weeks of having no privacy I definitely looked forward to being able to close a door. With the boys in their own rooms, and us in ours, we all got the privacy we craved. 

4.  The peace

It may sound strange but you cannot escape noise in Orlando. No matter where you are or what you're doing. In the parks there's music and lots of people's excited screams, in the hotel there's chatter from guests and the hotel entertainment, and even outside the ridiculously loud sound of crickets can drive you crazy. If you have never been to Orlando imagine the sound a cricket makes, now imagine hundreds of crickets all in one place. The noise you're imagining won't even come close! 

The peace and quiet of home is one of the things you take for granted, until you've been to Orlando. Walking through our front door at home and enjoying the silence was amazing.

5. Blogging

Throughout the holiday I thought about blogging, ideas for posts hit me, social stuff occupied my mind and I couldn't wait to get back to writing again. For months I've been planning on upping my game and now I can put those plans into action. I can't wait to get stuck in!

Don't get me wrong, the holiday was brilliant and I loved every minute but, as Dorothy would say, there's no place like home.

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