50 Brilliant Walt Disney Movies

Back in March I did a post about the fantastic movie's that Pixar made and I thought I'd follow that up with the brilliant movies made my Walt Disney.

Morgan's Milieu | 50 Brilliant Walt Disney Movies: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Sitting right at the top of the list is Walt Disney's oldest animated movie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Whenever I watch this movie I smile and remember being a little girl and singing along (trying to stay in tune but failing).

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Dec-37
Pinocchio Feb-40
Fantasia Nov-40
Dumbo Oct-41
Bambi Aug-41
Melody Time May-48
Cinderella Feb-50
Alice in Wonderland Jul-51
Peter Pan Feb-53
Lady and the Tramp Jun-55
Sleeping Beauty Jan-59
One Hundred and One Dalmations Jan-61
The Sword in the Stone Dec-63
The Jungle Book Oct-67
The Aristocats Dec-70
Robin Hood Nov-73
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Mar-77
The Rescuers Jun-77
The Fox and the Hound Jul-81
The Black Couldron Jul-85
The Great Mouse Detective Jul-86
Oliver and Company Nov-88
The Little Mermaid Nov-89
DuckTales the Movie Aug-90
The Rescuers Down Under Nov-90
Beauty and the Beast Nov-91
Aladdin Nov-92
The Lion King Jun-94
Pocahontas Jun-95
The Hunchback of Notre Dame Jun-96
Hercules Jun-97
Mulan Jun-98
Tarzan Jun-99
Fantasia 2000 Dec-99
Dinosaur  May-00
The Emperor's New Groove Dec-00
Atlantis: The Lost Empire Jun-01
Lilo and Stitch Jun-02
Treasure Planet Nov-02
Brother Bear Nov-03
Home on the Range Apr-04
Chicken Little Nov-05
Meet the Robinsons Mar-07
Bolt Nov-08
The Princess and the Frog Dec-09
Tangled Nov-10
Winnie the Pooh Jul-11
Wreck-it Ralph Nov-12
Frozen Nov-13
Big Hero 6 Nov-14

As I look through the list of movies there's only two that we don't own and Tangled is one of them. That's probably because I have two boys and they didn't want that movie because it's "for girls". Although judging by most of Disney's other movies I don't think that's the case.

What I love about Disney movies is there's characters for everyone to love. The obvious princess movies are all time favourites of mine but I do enjoy watching classics like Peter Pan and The Aristocats.

Morgan's Milieu | 50 Brilliant Walt Disney Movies: Ariel, The Little Mermaid, surrounded by her fishy friends.
The Little Mermaid, Ariel in particular, was one of my favourite's when I was a girl.

Pixar and the more recent Disney movies are great, lots of bright colours and awesome animation, but you can't beat the classics. 

I marvel at how long it must've taken for one person to hand-draw each frame and paint it. A whole movie made that way, and they still managed to release movies once or twice per year! Amazing.

For 77 years Walt Disney have been making brilliant children's movies. Personally I hope they keep going for another 77, and longer.

So tell me, which movies in the list are your favourites?