Why I Love Having the Hardest Job in the World (And You Should Too)

Do you ever find yourself just wanting to go into your room, close the door and ignore everything?

Morgan's Milieu | Why I Love having the hardest job in the world: a photo of a sunset obscured by trees.
Just stare out of the window and forget about it all...

I know I do.

Because being a mum, being there 24/7 for my children, is hard.

From the moment I wake in a morning I'm thinking about them. Thinking about what I'll need to do that day to keep them entertained. Thinking about what I'll feed them, what jobs need doing, and what plans they have made.

After getting out of bed I spend time getting their breakfast sorted and making sure they have everything they need for school. 

Ironed clothes - check
Washed faces - check
Brushed teeth - check

And the list goes on.

Being a mum is the hardest job in the world.

  • All of the jobs I do, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing etc, they're never-ending. 

By the time the washing basket is empty there's more to be added. Once the house is tidy one of the boys will decide it's time to get the entire box of lego out onto the carpet.

Morgan's Milieu | Why I love having the hardest job in the world (and you should too): A photo of LP playing in a pile of lego.

  • Worry is a given. It begins from the moment they're born and NEVER leaves you. 

Big Prince is 10 years old and goes out alone a lot more often these days. The worry hits me when he walks out of the door and I can't relax until he is back in the house and I know he is safe. 

Little Prince is one of those boys that likes to explore and even when he's out in the garden I worry. I know it won't be long before he comes in to the house crying.

  • As their mum I am to blame for EVERYTHING.

They can't find their shoes - MY fault 
(even though I tell them where they should put their shoes)

Their iPad isn't charged - MY fault 
(even though I told them to put it on charge the night before)

They forget to pick up a device for a car trip - MY fault 
(even though I put it by the door so they wouldn't forget it)

I am not a good enough mum to pick up their shoes and put them where they go. I'm not being fair when I don't put their iPads on charge and I was just being mean by leaving their devices in the house.

There are days when you just feel taken for granted. Like everything would fall apart if you weren't there but nobody cares. Nobody notices everything you do, nobody appreciates it.

Being a mum is a thankless job.

Except for when it isn't.

Those times when YOU are the one they run to because they're hurt. The one person they know will look after them is YOU. They trust you implicitly.

The surprise breakfast in bed, "just because". They have been paying attention and know that you work hard. They do appreciate it.

An innocent comment from the youngest in the family, "I don't want your job mum, you work ALL the time!"

But the thing that makes it all worth it?

The never-ending supply of bone-crushing hugs. 

My boys wrap their arms around my waist and squeeze so tight it hurts, and I LOVE it.

What do you love most about having the hardest job in the world?