Activities for a Rainy Day

It's been an okay week so far weather wise and we've taken the boys out almost every day. This morning we woke to pouring rain.

Morgan's Milieu | Activities for a Rain Day: A photo of a rainy window.

It's always annoying when we're stuck inside because of the weather. 

But what kind of mum would I be if I didn't have rainy-day activities in stock?


Craft activities are a must when the rain is keeping you indoors. At the start of the week I got out our craft packs and Little Prince loved being able to draw things, cut them out and stick them onto his big sheet of paper. 

I have been picking up little bits of paper and glitter for days!

Sticker Books

For his birthday LP got some Lego Sticker Books, he finished with them about a week after his birthday but there's extra stickers inside. We have a scrap book in the craft draw too and he's been using that for his extra stickers. He's enjoyed creating his own 'scenes' where Lego Batman was fighting with other creatures. 

Morgan's Milieu | Activities for a Rainy Day: A pinnable image.


Although Big Prince enjoys using the sticker books too he's getting a bit old for that now. He enjoys drawing and is a huge Disney fan so we bought him some 'learn to draw Disney characters' books. On rainy days I challenge him to try a new character.


Another great way to spend some of the day is watching a movie. We love movies and the boys always look forward to watching new ones. They've been waiting for us to buy Big Hero 6 for a while now and we're surprising them with that today.

They'll be excited to sit and watch the movie, with popcorn to munch on.

If you're desperate there's always the devices, iPads and Android, it doesn't hurt to let them play occasionally.

What activities do you do on rainy days?