5 Facts About Me

I've been struggling today with blogger's block and although I wanted to join in with Prose for Thought the words didn't come. Instead I decided to share 5 facts about me that you may not know.

  • I learned to touch-type in college when training to be a secretary. At the time I never realised how useful a skill this would turn out to be. These days using the computer every day I know it's one of the best things I could've learned. 

  • My natural hair colour is a browny-blonde and I hate it. Around 5 years ago I decided go for a red hair dye and found the colour my hair was always supposed to be. I love my hair colour these days, and the fact that it is naturally wavy.

  • I worry constantly. I worry about my boys and if they've had a fall at school. I worry about the future prospects for my children. I worry about the Hubby when he drives down to London. I worry that I'm not a good enough mum to my boys. I was a born worrier!

  • I'd love to be better with make-up but I don't want to put the effort in. My morning make-up routine consists of moisturiser, highlighter and mascara. That's it. I only added the highlighter and mascara recently after reading a blog post about a ten-minute make-up routine. If it wasn't for that I'd wear none at all!

  • I dream big - until self-doubt hits. When I first started writing a novel I dreamed of having a best-seller. Recently I began thinking I could be a fabulous pro-blogger like Vicki (Honest Mum), Katie (Pouting in Heels) or Zaz (Mama and More). Then reality hits and I realise I'm just little old me and could never be fabulous. However, I do still dream big. I think we all need a BIG goal in life to keep us going.

I've said recently that positivity is key and I really believe that. Worrying about everything doesn't make it better and I'm working on that. My make-up routine is better than it used to be, and I feel better for it. 

And as for the dreaming, well if I keep at it and try then who knows what will happen in the future.

So tell me, what are some facts about you that I don't know?