5 Disadvantages of Working From Home

The Hubby has been working from home for just over 6 years. I have been blogging for over three years, sporadically, but since the start of the year I've been taking it more seriously. We both work from home and think it is great.

Morgan's Milieu | 5 Disadvantages of Working from Home: Macbook Air with code on screen, a blurred cup in the background

But there are disadvantages...

1. The View of Others

Other people don't realise you work, they think you stay at home and watch TV (if only). On the school run I almost always wear jeans with a top which gives the impression I have nowhere important to be. 

When the boys are invited on play-dates, and I say no because I'm working, I get that suspicious look. As if I'm using my 'work' as an excuse to skip the play-date - something I would never do.

2. At work ALL THE TIME.

There's no escaping the fact that you're always at work. If an email comes through at 10pm you'll respond, no questions asked. 

The Hubby is never far away from his computer and his colleagues know that. As a result he often ends up working over the weekend, including Bank Holidays. He doesn't get paid more because he's working 'out of hours' either.

3. Your Kids View of the World

Our boys have never seen me or the Hubby go out to work. Back when the Hubby worked in an office Big Prince was too young to remember and now they're both older we work at home. They don't understand that most people work somewhere else like an office or factory. Many times we explain that we can't visit family in the week because they're at work, not at home. 

The boys see us sitting at our computer every day but they don't see the connection between that and earning money. 

4. Distractions and Interruptions

The Hubby works from the moment he gets up, which means on most days he is signed in to work at around 7.30am. I begin my work day after school drop-off, around 9am, unless there are more important chores to do. 

I get easily distracted from my work if there are chores piling up. If the dishwasher needs to be filled or the washing baskets are full I find that occupying my mind rather than writing. Fitting it into a schedule never works, hiccups get in the way and mess up the schedule. 

In the holidays it is even harder; the boys need to be fed and entertained. If it's not making drinks or feeding them then it's breaking up fights or sorting out games. 

5. Eating

It is easy to forget about eating, especially if you're working hard. Time seems to fly by and before you know it it's time to pick up the kids from school.

Over the years we've learned to set reminders. My computer tells me when it is 11:30am so that I'm aware it's almost lunch time. When the Hubby goes to London or is out for the day I often forget to eat at lunch time because I am so engrossed in what I'm doing.

Like I said, the Hubby and I love working from home, but there are many disadvantages and you have to be committed to make it work. You can't decide to take a day off because you don't feel like working. If you don't consider it a 'real' job you will fail. 

We're lucky, the Hubby and I love what we do and deciding to work is less of a struggle (most of the time). 

Also the fact that both of our boys want to follow in our footsteps and become writers and game designers makes us smile.