The First Signs of Puberty

As a mother how do you deal with your son hitting puberty?

I know my eldest is growing up, after a trip out during the Easter holidays I asked him what he'd been doing and his answer made me smile.

Morgan's Milieu | The First Signs of Puberty: A hooded figure walking through countryside.


I heard the term a while ago but I didn't think people actually used it. Guess I was wrong.

More and more Big Prince is asking to go out to meet his friends. Before long he won't even ask, he'll tell me he's going out. These are the first signs of things to come.

A few days ago I was sitting in the lounge and looked across at BP as he played on his iPad. He had a dark shadow above his top lip and I told him to wash his face, I thought it was milkshake or something. When he came back downstairs and the shadow hadn't gone I told him to try again. After the stomps, huffs and sulking had subsided he did as I asked.

Once he was downstairs again and I could still see the shadow I had to take a closer look. It was only when BP was standing right in front of me that I saw the little dark hairs. 

The shadow was not milkshake.

Puberty is imminent.

Morgan's Milieu | The First Signs of Puberty: a man with glasses, large moustache and bushy eyebrows.

If I was the mother of a girl on the verge of puberty I wouldn't be worried. I'd know exactly what to expect and it wouldn't scare me. But I am NOT the mother of a girl, I have two boys.

All I can do is research puberty for boys, learn at what age to expect the various stages and cope with the changes when they come. I hope that BP talks to me if he needs to but I think he's more likely to talk to his father.

But I'll be here, as always, taking care of my growing boy young man.

Do you have a plan for dealing with the puberty years?

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