Which is better - Phone Camera or Digital Camera?

Okay so some phones aren't very good when it comes to taking photos, let's discount all phones older than two years. Now which is better, phone or digital camera?

Morgan's Milieu | Phone Camera or Digital Camera: The Jammitors, entertainment in Epcot, Walt Disney World
Photo taken in Orlando, Florida with an iPhone 5 camera - great in good light.

I admit that up until recently my instant answer would've been my phone. I have an iPhone 6, it's camera is brilliant and I love being able to pull it out of my pocket and snap quick photos of the boys. I always have my phone with me too so there's no chance of me missing an opportunity. It takes good photos as long as there's good light, sometimes it can manage a good one in low light but not often.

Morgan's Milieu | Phone Camera or Digital Camera: Statue of Beauty and the Beast dancing.
Photo taken indoors with an iPhone 5 camera - low light = not a great photo.

The other thing about the iPhone camera is the zoom - there isn't one. Whenever I'm trying to take a photo of something further away it doesn't work how I'd like. I have to get closer to the thing and sometimes that's just not possible (like a swan on a lake). That's where regular digital cameras work best.

Zoom would've been great for this!

We have an old compact camera but it's a bit outdated now and my iPhone 6 takes better photos, but I still miss the zoom. When I go to Florida this summer I would like to be able to take photos of the leopards that hide far away in the bushes. With the iPhone 6 it's not even worth bothering, the photo would be of blurry bushes. 

That's why I think these Panasonic compact cameras might be worth looking at. I wear a bum-bag around my waist when walking around and a camera that would fit inside would be perfect. The ability to snap photos of a white tiger sitting up on a hill 200 yards away would be great. I love my iPhone and won't stop using it but there are times when having a camera with zoom capabilities would be much better.

Do you prefer your phone or a digital camera?

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