The Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is easy - when it's for someone else.

If I want the Hubby to do well with work I think positive, if the boys need some luck; think positive. But I've always found it hard to think positive for myself.

That is until last week when I wrote about my switch-aroo.

I have witnessed the power of positive thinking many times, it can change lives. For some reason I never thought it would happen the same way for me. In my head I figured you had to have someone else rooting for you otherwise the whole positive thinking thing just doesn't work.

Not true.

It's only been a week but I feel like the universe has accepted me. I decided to be nice to myself, cheer me on like I would my best friend, and the universe listened!

The sun is shining, birds are singing and I've never been happier. Admittedly I'm rushed off my feet but I love it. Telling myself I'm a writer, switching from stay-at-home mum to work-at-home mum, and being my new best friend seems to have told the world that I am ready. Good things are happening.

Sound familiar?


When was the last time you had positive thoughts about yourself? The last time you were happy with something you'd done?

As mother, writer, blogger, you put pressure on yourself to get EVERYTHING done. You berate yourself for not finishing the jobs and even stay up late to wash pots or put the last load of washing in. You tell yourself you're not good enough to be a writer or a pro-blogger, or even a good mother, and wish you could do it all better.

Stop it right now.

You ARE good enough.

You are there, day in, day out, to care for your family. You are the one they turn to when they need help or support. You are the person they know they can count on.

Use some of the awesome power of positive thinking for yourself.

Tell yourself you are beautiful (no laughing allowed!), tell yourself you're amazing, because you really are.

If you put your mind to it YOU can become a pro-blogger, YOU can be that best-selling author.

With positive thinking YOU can be anything.

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