Cups and Spillages

When you're children are born thoughts of drinking cups are far from your mind. Bottles yes but cups?

Not for a long time.

In 10 years my boys have gone through hundreds of drinking cups, from non-spill to regular plastic ones. At 6 years old Little Prince is still prone to knocking over drinks. Big Prince has been known to have spillages too and although they happen less often when they do happen there's more liquid.

As a mum I know spillages are inevitable but I do my best to minimise the risk. The problem is finding cups they can use without making them feel like they're still babies.

BP loves drinking from cans, when he goes to Youth Club he always buys a can of something. This Aluminium Drinks Can Cup with lid is perfect for him. It can keep a drink cold and the lid slides to reveal a drinking hole so it looks just like you're drinking from a can. The 'cans' hold 500ml of liquid and cost £7.99 for a pack of four. I'm happy for BP to use them because he's not drinking fizzy drinks all the time; he can put juice in them too.

LP is at a more awkward stage, he likes to think he's old enough for cans but spills much more often. I do allow him to use the can drinking cups but I'm not at ease when he does. These 568ml Plastic Mason Drinking Jar Glasses are more useful. They have a seal around the straw and that means the glass would have to fall onto it's side or upside down before it spilled. You can get a pack of four for £7.99. LP likes these glasses because they're big and have a handle, he feels like a big boy when he uses them.

The Hubby and I like to have large (pint) glasses of diet coke or lemonade in an evening. One of the problems with large glasses filled with coke and ice is the condensation. Our coasters have to be piled 3 or 4 high to soak up the water. When picking them up the glass can slip because of the condensation, sometimes ending with coke in my lap. These Double Wall Plastic Cups have proven quite useful and both the Hubby and I like using them. The double wall helps to keep the drink cold but there's no condensation on the outside of the cup. The cup is not cold to pick up and the straw is reusable. It costs £8.99 for a pack of two.

None of the cups above are dishwasher safe but because they get used so often that is not a problem. They're easy to clean and a quick rinse out in the sink is all it takes. 

I was sent these cups for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.