Not A Baby Anymore

Today is the boys' first day of the Easter holidays and it has started well. They both slept in this morning, which is a bonus, and I played five games of pool with Little Prince.

Morgan's Milieu | Not A Baby Anymore: Chocolate muffins, with cream and sprinkles on top, blurred in the background, stars rising from the muffins

His pool obsession continues. He has a room full of toys and struggles to choose what to play with, resorting to yet another game of pool. I have watched him grow from being unable to control where the cue goes to controlling the speed and direction he hits the white ball.  

It is Little Prince's 6th birthday tomorrow and I can't believe it. Not in a "Oh my gosh, hasn't he grown" kind of way, I can't believe it has been six years since he was born. Okay, maybe it is "Oh my gosh, hasn't he grown" - I look at him now and realise he is not a baby anymore, not even close.

Little Prince is an active boy, he loves football, likes to play in the mud and enjoys swinging from his cabin bed like it's a climbing frame. He grew up when I wasn't watching and changed from a smiley baby into the intelligent, enthusiastic boy he is today.

He will wake in the morning full of excitement and will be eager to find out what the day has to offer. Opening presents will be his first port of call and then I'm sure he'll request breakfast. Within 30 minutes I guarantee all his new toys will be on the carpet and he'll be playing pool!

As my baby reaches the heady heights of six years old I feel like it's a milestone. It seems more significant this time, a switch has flipped and I can no longer think of him as a baby. He is growing fast and before I know it he'll be going to Riley's to play pool with friends.

For now I'm going to smile at his screams of joy as he pots the black 8-ball again, treasure the times he throws his arms around me, and laugh as my boy jumps in muddy puddles.

Those memories are what it's all about.