A Long Day Ahead

Today I have the house to myself, the boys are at school and the Hubby has to drive to London for a meeting. I've been looking forward to it all week because it meant I'd have the whole house to myself, it was going to be really quiet. What I didn't count on was feeling like I'd rather have all my boys at home with me. I normally enjoy this time alone but today, not so much.

A Long Day Ahead

I close the door behind me
Turn the key to lock
Press the buttons on the pad
And look at the clock

Only six hours to go
Til the house is filled with sound
Why do I want it so
Want you all to be around?

The silence fills my ears
So loud I want to scream
Throbbing in my head and tears?
I miss you, it would seem.

Never thought the day would come
That I crave the noise and mess
Being alone is no fun,
I never would've guessed.

A coffee before I reach my limit
Maybe that will ease my pain
Only five hours and 58 minutes
Until I see you again.

A quick poem written and I feel a little better. It's funny how you think you want something until you get it, only to find that it's not what you wanted after all. My boys, including the Hubby, drive me mad a lot of the time but they also fill my days with smiles and fun. I'm not sure how I would cope without them. A day alone has turned out to be a lot more boring than I thought it would and I can't wait for them all to get home. I think I may well insist that this doesn't happen again, maybe I'll plan a shopping day next time!

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