You Suck!

On Thursday I wrote the poem A Long Day Ahead about feeling alone whilst the boys were at school and the hubby was out. I found that I didn't know what to do with myself and the house was too quiet. This came as a surprise to me because usually I really enjoy that quiet time and taking advantage of being in the house on my own.

Well let's just say that that feeling soon disappeared. Thursday was their last day at school, Friday was an inset day and now they're on half term. Yep, that dreaded time when I have to find something exciting for them to do every day otherwise I'll be 'a shadow of my former self' by the time they go back. To top it off the hubby has another trip to London on Wednesday which means a whole day alone with the boys. I have a few ideas of things to do this week but some of them depend on weather, which is never a good bet in this country!

My plan for today is to take the boys to Wollaton Park in Nottingham to go on a dinosaur trek. They're holding a Dinosaur Week at Wollaton Hall and you can pay £2 to reconstruct your own dinosaur just like scientists do. This should be a great outing, Big Prince loves dinosaurs and has since he was two years old. A phase we thought would quickly pass but seems to have stuck, whenever he's given the chance dinosaurs is what he chooses to talk about!

We've spent some time playing games with the boys so far, the Wii U was definitely a good purchase. The game Wii U Party is probably the best thing for a family because you can all play together and this is the game we play in an evening. Last night we played, just like the previous night, and slowly I can see Little Prince getting better and better at his controls.  The first time we played Wii U Party he got very frustrated at a lot of the games, particularly ones where he had to point at the TV and press a button, his coordination is not quite there for that yet. However, steadily he is able to take part in, and enjoy the games and last night he beat his dad at a lot of the mini-games - he was very proud of himself.

What we found most amusing was when he beat his brother at a game and BP started to sulk, LP jumped up off his seat, danced around in front of BP and sang 'You suck, you suck, you suck, suck, suck!' Now I know I shouldn't have laughed but I couldn't help it, LP waved his finger at BP and wiggled his bottom and it was such a picture that the laugh just burst out of me. It's times like these that you spot their own little personality and it can be really entertaining sometimes. 

I wasn't really feeling myself yesterday but that glimpse of the person LP is becoming made me feel better. I love seeing their personalities evolve, watching what annoys them, what they love and most of all what they enjoy doing, it gives me an idea of the type of people they are going to be. I couldn't be happier with my boys and although I know those teen years are going to be hard I can't wait to watch them grow into well-rounded men. They make me proud every day (most of the time!) and even when they're fighting like cats and dogs I know they love each other really.

Do you have any exciting plans for your family in the half term? 
What little things about your children make you smile?