Thoughts of Yesterday

Thursday has landed again and that means it’s time for #Prose4T. I have to admit that I’ve struggled today, there was so much going around in my head and I couldn’t decide on what to write. I stared at the computer screen for a while and thought about my boys. BP is going to be turning 10 in August and this absolutely terrifies me, he’s already in that tween stage and has got the sulking down to an art. As I remembered him as a baby I was inspired and tapped out this little poem, I’ve said before I’m not very good at poems and this is probably the best I can do but I think it gets across what I’m trying to say.

Thoughts of Yesterday

Your blue eyes sparkle as you sit and play
I wonder where the years have gone
It seems only yesterday
That you turned just one.

You’re getting bigger, almost taller than me
Now, don’t you grow too fast
I remember you shouting ‘weeeee’
On your bike as you zoomed past.

I watch you sometimes wondering why
You have to leave behind
Your childhood in the glimpse of an eye
I want to just rewind.

I see my boy with sparkling eyes
Playing with his toys
Then blinking and looking up at the sky
He’s now one of the boys.

Double digits are about to land
In our house so loud
I wish I could make a stand
But I know you’ll make me proud.

When our children are babies we always have the people around us saying how we should enjoy the time while they’re little because it’ll be gone quick. I often laughed and thought it was ridiculous but you know what, they were right. Who knew? I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since BP was born, we’ve done so much in that time and underneath the grumpy tween he can be very caring and sweet. I just wish I’d listened to those snippets of wisdom when I had the chance.

Prose for Thought


  1. How the time flies... My mum still thinks I am a little girl. Lovely write.

  2. I can really feel your aching heart as I read this! But he is still your gorgeous boy and always will be! My #prose4T poem last week was about this same feeling from the other perspective - projecting forwards from now when my youngest is still a baby. Sometimes I can't bear the idea of any of my boys growing up but then I am also so proud of the little people they are becoming. This tumultuous wave of emotions is one of the many things we sign ourselves up to when we become parents I suppose!

    1. It certainly is tumultuous! One minute you're so happy and proud and then turn around and they're all grown up and you feel like crying. He is still my little boy and I'm so pleased with who he's becoming but sometimes I just wish for the times he was a baby.
      Thanks for stopping by xx

  3. This is lovely. I love how you've conveyed the emotions that you're feeling. Great poem #prose4t

  4. This is really great :) It isn't far off what I am already feeling about Grace - and she is only 7! Thanks for linking to Prose for Thought x

    1. Thanks Victoria. The hubby read it the other day and really like it! It is awful and amazing watching them grow, I just wish it was easier. :)


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