Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World - Part 2

Given the weather this morning (dark and gloomy) I’m glad to be writing about Magic Kingdom again, it makes me remember the sun and smile. So onto Frontierland where, again, there’s lots to do.

Cinderella's Castle, first thing in the morning = not many people!

Frontierland is where you’ll find two more mountains, Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain. 

Splash Mountain

A log flume with some entertainment before the plunge. This is one of my boys’ favourites at Magic Kingdom and every time we ventured to Frontierland my youngest asked to go on. Unfortunately Splash Mountain is one of the rides that gets busy and unless you arrive first thing in a morning you'll have to queue or already have your FastPass+ booked. 

Guests need to be 40” or 102cm to ride and just as a warning - you WILL get wet. 

I got wet every time I rode Splash Mountain, some of the times I wished I'd had a spare set of clothes!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

A runaway train that is located right next to Splash Mountain. 

On Big Thunder Mountain Railroad you take a ride through a gold-mining town, being lifted out of your seat as the train goes over the top of hills. Again my boys loved this ride and it having the same height restrictions as Splash Mountain meant that my youngest could ride too. He was very happy about that and he still talks about Thunder Mountain now.

Another favourite of the kids’ was Tom Sawyer Island. You take a raft across the river and the kids can explore all on their own. There's no way off the island other than the rafts, which are operated by Cast Members (Disney staff) so you don't need to worry too much.

I was a little bit nervous about allowing our four year old to explore on his own but it was Disney World and if you can’t trust Disney then who can you trust? 

Tom Sawyer Island is fantastic for children that love exploring and finding things on their own. They’ll find a Fort where they can practise protecting the island, a windmill and a barrel bridge. Given the chance I think my boys would have stayed there all day.

Liberty Square

Awesome sign!
Liberty Square is where you’ll find the Liberty Square Riverboat. Here you can cruise the river aboard the Liberty Belle, or you can watch it from the safety of land, as you walk through Liberty Square. 

In The Hall of Presidents you can see all the U.S. Presidents on stage together and learn a little bit about American history. It is a 22 minute show, so you get a chance to rest in the theatre. My youngest fell asleep while we were inside - in fact they both did. I don’t know if that’s because they thought it was boring or they were just wiped out.

In The Haunted Mansion is probably you take a tour through a haunted estate. I love this ride, the effects and music are fantastic and also it gives you a little sit down, which is always good at Walt Disney World. I would definitely recommend Haunted Mansion, everyone will love it. 

There are a few choices for food in Liberty Square including Liberty Tree Tavern where you can get roast turkey, carved beef, sandwiches and salads. We ate there a few years ago and enjoyed it but I suspect it has changed a little by now. You can also find funnel cakes, ice cream and waffle sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow.

Statues outside Haunted Mansion.


Journey into Adventureland and take a ride on The Magic Carpets of Aladdin where you fly on a magic carpet high above Adventureland, but watch out for that spitting camel. 

Set sail on a cruise through exotic rivers, seeing animals like elephants and crocodiles, on Jungle Cruise. This is a good ride if the skies happen to open up suddenly and you find that rides are closed because of the rain - the only time Jungle Cruise will close is when it’s stormy. 

Like the film Pirates of the Caribbean? 

Why not take a boat ride into that world - travel to a time when pirates ruled the seas and watch as Captain Sparrow avoids capture and gets the gold. If your kids like pirates then A Pirate’s Adventure - Treasures of the Seven Seas is probably a good bet. This is another interactive adventure that you take at your own pace and watch as your kids are amazed by the things they see on their quest. 

Okay, I can't go any further without mentioning the most awesome thing in Magic Kingdom and it’s not a ride. 

Aloha Isle.

Where you can find frozen Dole whip and fresh pineapple juice. You have to try these things - they are amazing. If I could’ve eaten it every day without putting on 100lbs then I would’ve!

Parades and Shows

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade
Celebrate the Magic is night time entertainment that is a must see. Watch Tinkerbell fly around, using her pixie dust, where she transforms Cinderella’s Castle. It is a really stunning show. 

Grab yourself a Times Guide to find out show times. 

Another night time show is Main Street Electrical Parade where you can see Disney characters travelling around Magic Kingdom with their floats lit up with awesome lights. Don’t forget to hang around for the fireworks show too, Wishes nighttime spectacular, where the fireworks can be seen throughout the park.