The Bickering Siblings


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When I was a child, living at home with my parents, me and my sisters fought. We bickered and taunted each other. We pulled hair, scratched, bit, punched and kicked. The older we got, the worse the fighting got.

I remember our mother yelling. A lot. She told us to stop bickering and annoying each other. She confiscated toys, took away TV and punished us in every way she could. In fact I remember getting a clip around the ear once or twice. 

Dad was never one to yell but when he did we knew we were in trouble. I say “yell” but he didn’t do that, he spoke sternly. His deep voice and calm tone told you you’d been naughty.

Fast forward 25 years…

I am the mother. I have school-runs, after-school clubs and play dates to organise. Daily chores, a husband who works at home; sometimes it can get overwhelming. When I fetch the boys from school I brace myself for the daily fighting. From the moment they get together the bickering starts.

We live 5 minutes drive from school but by the time we get home I have heard enough and am ready to pull out my hair. But at home the bickering gets worse, it becomes fighting. Then inevitably someone ends up in tears and I yell. Lots. The hubby stays quiet most of the time, unless it’s necessary.

Now that I’m the parent with bickering children I understand why my parents got so angry. It was the fact that we wound each other up for fun even though it would irritate our parents. It was the constant to-and-fro and the whiny complaints.

Being a parent makes me appreciate what a hard job my parents had. 


  1. It does make you realise what a hard job our parents had.....My girls bicker and fight the same way my brother and I did....It's never ending. lol

    1. It really is and when it's our children's turn to have kids and they come to us telling us how much their kids bicker, we'll laugh! ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting Kim. xx

  2. I completely feel your pain lovely! My girls fight like cat and dog and drive me bonkers! School mornings can be very fraught, especiallyon work days... hoping it doesn't last forever xx

    1. I'm finding that it's mostly LP who likes to wind up BP. BP is 10 and wants more time to himself whereas LP likes to annoy BP, he finds it funny!

      I know there's still a few years to go before it will stop. I just hope I have hair left by the end of it!
      Thanks for stopping by hun. xx

  3. That is such a familiar story. I was an only child though, so no bickering when I was younger, but I know my husband was the same with his brother and my mother in law often says that seeing our two boys bickering really reminds her of her two. I realise that it is part of them being siblings, but it really is so draining at times.

    1. It is so draining. I grew up with two sisters and remember bickering constantly so I guess I should've expected it. The hardest part is that it's never-ending, no matter where you are or what you're doing the bickering persists! Let's hope we can cope through these years and come out the other side with our hair intact! ;)


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