The Last 6 Questions for Morgan Prince

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Here we are back again for to answer another six questions, so let's get on with it shall we?

What kind of job would you like to have?

If I had to go out to work I think doing what I used to (secretary) is what I'd want. However if I didn't have to go out to work then blogging for my job would be amazing. To be able to earn a liveable wage and still be at home for my boys would be the perfect job.

What is the most sentimental possession you have?

Oh this is a difficult one. There's a few that I'm not sure I'd ever want to part with. A necklace the Hubby bought me when we first started dating. A rock BP brought back from his first residential trip, and my two mascots that sit on my desk; Minnie and Mickey (a christmas gift from my boys).

The Last 6 Questions for Morgan Prince | Morgan's Milieu: Mickey and Minnie figurines in front of a Mac

What do you like to daydream about?

I don't really daydream, I don't have time! If I was forced to answer then it would be earning money from something I love doing and having people I know respect me for it. For a long time mine and the Hubby's family didn't know that I blog, the Hubby's still don't. If they did know I'd hope they knew how much effort goes into it.

What is your definition of success?

I think the answer to this is completely subjective, it depends on the person and what they want to achieve. I also think it can change. If you are happy and achieving the things you wanted then I'd say you're successful.

What TV/Movie star would you invite to a birthday party? Why?

My first thought was Daniel Craig, I'd be able to ask him about the stunts he did as James Bond. That would be great. However having thought about it a little more I'd choose Helen Mirren. Over the years I've seen a few of her movies, I loved Prime Suspect, and really respect her. She looks amazing, doesn't really care what people think about her and she has a strong personality. I think she'd be a great woman to have around.

What would you do if you had a magic wand?

This one is so easy - I'd clean. With a flick of the wand the entire house would be neat and tidy and I wouldn't have to think about it. Anything that gives me extra time for writing is a good thing, that magic wand would be fantastic!

This is the last questions list as I'm returning from holiday in a few days. I'll be back with regular posts once the boys are back at school but I've really enjoyed sharing these answers with you. 

Interview with Pro-Blogger Katie Portman

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

To finish my series of interviews I have a very talented lady answering my questions. Katie Portman, who writes at Pouting in Heels, is someone I have admired for a long time. I remember back in 2014 reading, and watching, her post Ridiculously simple tips to improve your writing and it stuck with me.

At the time I didn't realise who she was or what a fabulous blogger she was but her advice helped me lots and it's a post I'll never forget. 

Katie is an inspiration and as well as being a fabulous blogger she is a lovely person who constantly encourages us all to be proud of ourselves. 

Enough from me, let's listen to what Katie has to say.

Why did you start blogging?

I first started blogging way back in 2010 when I went freelance. 

I had no work when I first started, so I started to write about my freelancing journey through a blog section on my professional website and suddenly discovered that people seemed to really enjoy my posts which was unexpected but totally lovely.

Not long after, in early 2012, I decided to launch a 'proper' blog, which I could keep separate from my professional site and talk about everything that relates to being a modern woman.

Since then I have never looked back and can't quite believe how fortunate I am to still be here and have such a wonderful and loyal readership.

What did you like most when you started?

Definitely the opportunity to be creative and use my voice. I've always written (my background is PR and journalism) but this was a chance for me to really get personal and be much more authentic with my work.

How long have you been blogging?

Around five years if you include my freelancing stuff, but properly with Pouting in Heels, just over three years.

What do you love about blogging now?

Gosh there's so much I love about blogging!

In fact there's very little I don't love. But I guess the things that really stand out for me are the wonderful friendships that I've made, the knowledge that some of my posts have inspired people or helped them in some way and the fact that I now get to actually do this for a living.

It's incredibly hard work at times but it's a wonderful job and I feel very fortunate.

Do you have more than one blog?

I do indeed! (I must be mad! *smiles*) I have Pouting in Heels - a parenting and lifestyle blog which I like to call my blogging toddler and To Dream of Dresses, which I've just recently launched, over a month or so ago, which is a style blog with soul.


Pouting in Heels is my first blogging love but it's incredibly personal as it's about my life, my feelings, my family etc. To Dream of Dresses is very different so it was important to differentiate between the two and keep them separate.

What is the most important quality of a good blogger?

To me, in my opinion, I would say it is the ability to connect with others through your posts. To touch people's hearts, to make them think or to help them.

There's so many other things that are important as a blogger like promotion, marketing, use of social media and being involved in the blogging community as a whole, but for me, it really is all about the content and what you are giving to your reader.

As a pro-blogger what has been the best opportunity you've been offered so far?

Goodness, so many! I guess staying in a gypsy caravan in the Lake District with my husband Jamie and daughter Elsie was pretty spectacular.

I'm also incredibly proud of the fact that I was asked to write a post about domestic violence for Mumsnet, after a personal post of mine went viral.

Is there anything you don't like about blogging?

Just really the fact that there is always so much to do! (We all know this right?!) Which can often mean that you feel like you're failing when actually you're really not.

Blogging work never ends as there's always something we could be doing, however although this can be frustrating, it's also what makes it so incredibly exciting.

If you could recommend one blog to read, which would it be?

Ah now this is easy. James Altucher - An American blogger who truly writes from the heart and inspires millions of people worldwide by doing so.

I'm a little obsessed with this work and recommend his blog to everyone I chat to. He really is just brilliant and my ultimate blogging crush.

Thanks so much Katie.

I have been inspired and moved by many of Katie's posts, in particular Chatting with my new best friend, Me

You can find Katie on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the wonderful bloggers I interviewed; Vicki Psarias, Zarouhi Grumbar, Michelle Reeves, Nicola Thomas, Amy Treasure and, of course, Katie Portman. 

I have loved this series of interviews and finding out about these great bloggers. I hope you've enjoyed them too.

Please do take a moment to pop over and check out the other interviews if you missed them, and don't forget to check out the blogs too!

More Questions for Morgan Prince

Thursday, 20 August 2015

More questions to answer, I hope these answers give you a little insight into the kind of person I am.

More Questions for Morgan Prince | Morgan's Milieu: Three boys walking through Walt Disney World
I love these three!

What would you like to invent to make life better?

The cure for self-doubt.

The self-doubt demon likes to attack when we are vulnerable and if I could find the cure for that it would be awesome. Just think of the people I could help!

What qualities do you look for in a friend?

Honesty. I find it difficult to trust people and anyone who deceives me is never going to have my trust. Being honest is one of the most important qualities in a friend.

No judgement. When people see where I live they make assumptions about me, none of which are correct. People presume that I'm stuck up and "prim and proper" but I couldn't be more different. I grew up on a council estate in Nottinghamshire. No judgement from me, so I don't expect it back.

Caring. I care deeply for all my friends and treasure their friendship, I think it's only fair to ask for the same in return.

What is the best advice you've ever received?

It came from my father when we were talking about holidays. I was thinking about the boys and whether we spoil them too much and my dad said something that has stayed with me.

"Spoil them. Whenever you can, as much as you can. After all, you can't take it with you."

My boys don't get everything handed to them but I'm glad we can spoil them if we want to. Both the Hubby and I grew up in homes where we had to go without most of the time. We're lucky enough that our boys won't have to.

If you could only take 3 people on a trip around the world whom would you take?

These 'three people' questions are a little too easy!

LP, BP, and the Hubby.

What kind of store would you like to own and operate?

An art gallery.

I love those places, find them very relaxing and love looking at different art. Some I hate and some I love but I do enjoy walking around the galleries.

If you could become invisible, where would you go?

The boys' school to see what they're like when I'm not around. It might sound dull but I've always wondered how my boys behave when I'm not there and no matter how much people tell me they're good, seeing it myself would be great.

Interview with Pro-Blogger Amy Treasure

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Please welcome Amy Treasure, who writes at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three, a lifestyle, parenting, and food blog.

I haven't known about Amy's blog for that long but have enjoyed reading lots of posts, one of my favourites being Seizing the day and why my husband calls me 'Lucky', it was inspirational.

I was delighted when Amy accepted my request for an interview and I'm happy to share it with you now.

Why did you start blogging?

I originally started as a beauty blogger with a view to having my blog as an online portfolio because I had plans to train as a make-up artist. Then my littlest came along and I was plunged back into the baby days (my older children were 12 and 13 years old then) it was a bit of a shock to the system having such a big age gap. I started to write about how it was to have a baby again which was a natural progression for me and my blog and I haven't looked back since!

What did you like most when you started?

Blogging in the parenting genre is wonderfully supportive and I have made the most beautiful friendships. Forming these close relationships are what has been and will always be the most important thing for me.

How long have you been blogging?

Two and a half years altogether with blogging at Mr and Mrs T Plus Three for the last 18 months of that time.

What do you love about blogging now?

I love the diversity, I love that I can write about whatever I wish and I love that people contact me to let me know something I've written has touched them in some way.

Do you have more than one blog?

No, I would never be able to keep up with more than one blog that would be way too much work!

What is the most important quality of a good blogger?

For me it is to stay true to yourself, find your unique voice and use it. Don't try and emulate anyone. Dr Seuss was spot on with 'There is no one alive who is youer than you!' and your readers will be able to tell a mile off if you're not genuine. The posts I put my heart and soul into are the ones that are most popular on my blog. They are the posts that as a writer you want people to read, feel something and have an opinion on. It is then that readers comment, share and come back for more. Only when you find your voice and use it, will you gain the fruition that all of us creatives crave and that is a captive and loyal audience. That to me is the definition of a good blogger and is what draws me back to the same blogs time and again. 

As a Pro-Blogger what has been the best opportunity you've been offered so far?

That's tough because I have been so lucky with work and opportunities but probably the best and most exciting was gaining the role as presenter in a promotional film for a client. I was followed around the Royal Opera House in London by a full camera crew for the day. I even had a runner just to get me coffee and snacks and tell me my hair looked good! I felt like a star and it is one of my best professional experiences so far.

Is there anything you don't like about blogging?

I can't stand what I call 'jellyfish' (I borrowed that from Bridget Jones) they are the people who actually take the time to write posts berating other bloggers for reviewing low value items etc. We ALL have to start somewhere and I remember being overjoyed when I was offered my first review which was a children's book. Hardly worth anything but to me the offer was very significant and I've gone from reviewing a book to the possibility of getting one published one day.

If you could recommend one blog to read which would it be?

This is easy, I would recommend Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. Her blog is the perfect mix of heartfelt writing with the most gorgeous images and she has amazing technical knowledge. I've followed Aby since I started out and she has been and is my benchmark. She's really helped me and my blog progress to what it is today and we have become really close, in fact she's one of my best friends and the loveliest most genuine person I know!

Thank you so much Amy, I love your answers - and I love that you referenced Dr. Seuss as he's one of mine (and LP's) favourite writers!

Please connect with Amy - she is lovely, you can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Another 6 Questions for Morgan Prince

Thursday, 13 August 2015

I love answering these questions and I hope you've enjoyed reading my answers so far. There's another two of these to come so plenty more to learn about me. 

So let's get on with this week's questions shall we?

What talents do you have? (Don't be modest)

This is tough, I'm not good at not being modest.   ;)

I'm pretty good at drawing, I need to have something in front of me to copy but I can do that fairly competently and I'm quite proud of my Stitch drawing I did a while back. 

Writing. I'm not the best but I do love it and will continue into my older years.

I touch-type and can do that quite fast. It's probably the best thing I ever learned in college.

When do you get angry?

I get angry when people take advantage of my kindness or take me for granted. When someone expects something just because it's happened in the past.

Describe yourself at age 70.

Still sprightly. Stylish, grey hair. Enjoy walking with friends, still blogging, and love to spend time with grandchildren. I will not let old age catch me!

What kind of trophy would you most like to win?

I've never thought about winning any kind of trophy so I'm not sure. Any award for my writing would be awesome, or an award for the 'best mum ever' would be good too. 

Write down 3 words that describe how you feel right now.


I am happy with where I am and feel very lucky to be able to blog and still be here for my boys. This next year is going to be an interesting one as I try harder with the blog and see where it takes me. I'm hoping it takes me to BritMums Live next year!

What 3 things are you thankful for?

The answer to this question could not be easier; LP, BP and the Hubby. If I didn't have each of them in my life, the days would be dull and boring. I can't imagine my life without them and I am thankful for every second I get to spend with them.

Interview with Pro-Blogger Nicola Thomas

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

With interview number four brings a blogger I've known and loved reading posts from for years, Nikki Thomas. 

Nikki blogs at Stressy Mummy and always manages to impart wisdom or have me giggling or laughing along.

Why did you start blogging?

I started to read a few food blogs originally and really enjoyed picking up tips and recipes from them and it was through that that I picked up on a few parent bloggers. I had been blissfully unaware of blogging before that and having read a few, I decided that I would give it a go. It seemed like a nice way to record your family life and that was what I did originally; silly stories and photos and then it grew from there.

What did you like most when you started?

The fact that someone actually read it. I have always wanted to write and never had the time or the chance to write very much, so I quickly became hooked. I enjoyed the fact that people read and commented and it is a nice feeling that someone appreciates your posts.

How long have you been blogging?

Nearly four years, I started in September 2011.

What do you love about blogging now?

I still love the fact that people read it and enjoy my posts but having been part of the blogging world for four years I love the community. Bloggers are amazing and I have seen the huge support that they give to each other, the amazing things that bloggers can do when they get together for a good cause, blogging events are great and even though they can seem overwhelming, it is amazing how well I have got on with other bloggers that I have chatted to online and then really bonded with in real life and now see them as friends.

Do you have more than one blog?

Not at the moment. I find that my blog keeps me very busy. I have ideas for a second blog and one day I might set it up, but that would require a few more hours in the day.

What is the most important quality of a good blogger?

That is an interesting question. I think the quality of a good blogger is to be yourself in your writing, don't try to be something that you're not. Also not to ever expect anything. We all get amazing experiences and opportunities as bloggers and I am always grateful for everything and never expect anything.

As a pro-blogger what has been the best opportunity you've been offered so far?

We have had a couple of family holidays over the years, which have been a huge bonus for us, and we certainly made the most of those holidays too. Opportunities like that are so amazing.

Is there anything you don't like about blogging?

I think that as much as I love blogging, there are days when I hate it and I am sure a lot of other bloggers feel the same. It can become all-consuming with the amount of time you need to spend on social media as well as writing and maintaining your blog. There always seems to be something new to get your head around too. That can be really overwhelming. I have taken a step back from social media a little now and try to make weekends about family and switch everything off to have a complete break. I find that has really helped and on Monday morning, I am refreshed and ready to start again.

If you could recommend one blog to read which would it be?

Dorky Mum. Ruth is an awesome writer, she writes the most beautiful and thought-provoking posts and I am totally inspired by her.

Thanks Nikki, I have to agree that turning off at the weekend is a good thing.

Nikki and I have sons the same age and she often writes about something that I can totally relate to, a particular favourite of mine is Signs that you have a teenager in training.

You can connect with Nikki on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.