Post Comment Love 20th-22nd January


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It is Friday again and that means it's time for Post Comment Love. Link up your best/favourite post of the week so Stephanie, me, and others can read (and share) it. We love reading the varying topics of your posts and it's a welcome break from the kids (at least for me!) 

Hasn't it been dreary this week? I haven't got much photography done because the weather has been so dull. The lighting is terrible at the moment and there's not a chance of getting any good photos unfortunately. I do have an arm for my tripod though, which is a huge help when it comes to doing flat lays. 

  • A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.

Steve Martin

Do you spring clean in January?


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After the Christmas decorations have been put away and the presents are in newly designated spots do you find you want to do a spring clean? The darker days are still here, there's rubbish weather most days, but I like to do a big house clean in January. New Year, new start right?
white daisy reaching up to the rising sun

  • I look forward to spring cleaning and putting things in their place. It's therapeutic for me.

Kimora Lee Simmons

Staying Cozy This Winter & Keep Your Energy Budget In Check


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During the chilly months of winter and the soaring temperatures of summer, this is when our utility bills can literally go through the roof. Adding insulation can sometimes be an answer for stopping HVAC systems from giving away heat to the entire neighborhood (as my Dad used to say when I left a door open briefly during December). But there’s other solutions that are less labor intensive that can offer a quick burst of heat and a coziness factor on a cold, winter’s day. 
cup of tea wrapped in wool

We all know by now to keep our thermostats set at 68° during daylight hours and lowering this temperature to 65° while we’re sleeping under a warmth of blankets during winter months. But what about a sudden chill or a feeling of uncomfortability that can occur when these settings just aren’t cutting it for us and our kids?

Post Comment Love 13th - 15th January


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Another week, another Post Comment Love. It's so lovely to see our little community growing week by week, we get to read such brilliant posts and share them, I can't wait to see what you have in store for us this week.
craft equipment on a white table

I've had such a busy week this week that I only managed to sit in front of the computer yesterday. I feel like time has disappeared and I haven't got enough done. It's funny how that happens sometimes isn't it? At least we're back into a normal routine with the kids back at school.

  • The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.

Mike Murdock

Last weekend the Hubby and I decided we needed to get new carpets. Cue lots of complaints about having to move furniture, deciding on a colour of carpet, and actually getting it done. It's certainly not something I enjoy but I know it will look great when it's done. Our current carpet is a deep red and our house doesn't get much natural light, which means that the house seems dark all the time. I wouldn't normally have wanted a light coloured carpet (having a young boy who likes football) but I think it will make a huge difference to how light the house looks. I'll be introducing a strict "no-shoes" policy once the carpet is down though. 

Dieting doesn't have to be painful


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When you think of dieting you think of starving yourself don't you? It's that sudden restriction of food you enjoy, the fact that you need to be hungry in order to lose weight, why on earth would anyone choose to do that to themselves right? But dieting doesn't have to be painful, nor do you have to starve yourself in order to lose weight. 

I am an experienced dieter.

My weight over the past few (okay, many) years has gone up and down more times than a yo-yo in a teen's hands. I guess that's why that call it Yo-Yo Dieter. I've been 14st 8lbs and reduced it to 10st, and everywhere in between. 

5 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Child’s Concentration in School


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Does your child struggle to stay focused in school? Is he or she often distracted/feels uncomfortable while studying?

Well, attention problems are common in today’s generation of school-goers who are overstimulated by technology, peers, etc.

But if your child fails to concentrate inside the classroom over an extended period of time, he/she may struggle in exams or get expelled. Such scenarios could create feelings of shame and inadequacy. No parent wants that to happen.

On that note, here are 5 tips to get your child back on track to being a successful student in school.

Post Comment Love 6th - 8th January


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Happy New Year! It's 2017 and it's time for the first Post Comment Love of the year. Welcome one and all to our fab little linky, Steph and I have been hosting Post Comment Love for a whole year now and it's been a great ride. We appreciate every link up, from bloggers who have linked from the start when Steph and I took over from Vicky, to new bloggers who have stopped by in the last month or so. You are what makes this linky worth hosting.

I've read some fabulous posts, been inspired by other bloggers and made some wonderful new friends and I truly believe that if it wasn't for Post Comment Love none of those things would've happened. 

So, Thank you!

How was your Christmas break? 

I took a complete break, no posting to social sites (apart from scheduled stuff), no blog posts, no computer use at all. It was brilliant! I love Christmas for that, it's such a great time to think about the year, what has passed and what is to come in the new year. It's also a good time to be with family and hosting Christmas Lunch went better than I could've hoped. I was completely rushed off my feet from about 7.30am and I didn't sit down until the Lunch was served at 2pm but it was the best day. Our whole family sat around the table, ate a great meal (even if I do say so myself!) and chatted. 

5 years blogging and a look back on 2016


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I can’t believe it was this time 5 years ago that I set up Morgan’s Milieu, back then it had a different name and a different purpose. It all started because I wanted to be a writer, I’d started writing a novel and had read that I needed a blog too so that I could get my name out there. My very first post went live on 30th December 2011 and it seems so long ago now.

The early years of blogging were okay, I blogged about once per month, if that, and it wasn’t regular at all. I had no purpose that I could think of and ended up writing rambling posts about nothing most of the time. 

  • Finding success is all about taking action. You can read all you want, but nothing will happen until you execute.

Pat Flynn

Then I stumbled onto parenting blogs and suddenly I knew where I belonged.

What's on your Christmas soundtrack?


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This time of year you spend a lot of time in the car, travelling to see family, playing Santa and delivering presents, so you need a great list of music to listen to while you're on the road. Over the years I've gathered a few favourites I like to listen to during the festive period and below you'll find 10 (of the many) that are on my list. What's on your Christmas soundtrack?

  • If music be the food of love, play on

William Shakespeare

One of my favourite singers is Michael Bublé, I've got a few (okay, a lot) of his albums and I love "Christmas". You'll notice that I've picked a few from this album because to me, listening to Michael Bublé sing Christmas songs is wonderful.

Post Comment Love 16th - 18th December


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It's the last Post Comment Love of the year! Stephanie and I have had a wonderful year hosting Post Comment Love and reading your brilliant posts has made us laugh, made us cry, and entertained us. We are both looking forward to a break but will be back in the New Year to read more of your great posts.

It's so busy this time of year it's easy to get behind on things, which is exactly what I've done lately. I'm catching up on my #pocolo reading and commenting but I'll get there. I'm hoping to catch up properly over the break. 

Like I said, this week is the last Post Comment Love of the year, closing on Sunday at 11pm, but we'll be back on 6th January to host the first #pocolo of 2017. 

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