Love is...

Tuesday, October 6

Love is painted as a glamorous affair; the man sweeps the woman off her feet with witty conversation, gives her amazing gifts, and takes her on wondrous trips all over the world.

Love is... | Morgan's Milieu: In the movies Love is glamorous, in real life - not so much.
Remember the time we stood and watched the sunset (with no screaming kids in the background)...

I used to dream about the day I would meet my man, maybe in a busy coffee shop where we'd both order the same drink. Or perhaps as we both went to pick up the same movie in a rental shop our hands touched, ever-so-briefly. Our lives would be filled with holidays, gifts, and laughs.

The movies have a lot to answer for.

As it turns out Love is completely different (I know shocking right?). It can build you up or break you down in seconds. It can tear you to pieces, it can fill a hole you never thought it could.

It exists in many forms.

The love of a mother or father.
The love of a son or daughter.
The love of a friend.
The love of a partner.

To name a few.

Love is... | Morgan's Milieu: This quote about love really says it all for me.

Below are just a few things that love is to me.

Love is... the disfigured "candle holder" that can't hold a candle, made by my boy.
Love is... watching Monsters Inc so many times that you hear it in your sleep.
Love is... traipsing across the landing towards a screaming child at 2am.
Love is... wiping up after the sick-bug has landed, all over the bed, the carpet, and the teddy bear.

Love is... seeing my dad's smile when I told him I was pregnant.
Love is... my mum tipping a full lego box out onto her carpet before my children arrive.
Love is... watching my dad perform on stage.
Love is... knowing, despite her not giving birth to me, my mum will always be there for me.

Love is... an afternoon chat with the best friend I haven't seen properly since July.
Love is... a glass of wine bourbon and a heart to heart.
Love is... being there for my friends whenever they need me.
Love is... knowing your deepest, darkest secrets are safe.

Love is... choosing to watch a movie together over a night on the town.
Love is... quoting "Friends" in sync.
Love is... singing along to the Sunset Boulevard soundtrack (even though it's not playing) while watching the Sunset Boulevard movie.
Love is... knowing that after almost 13 years together he can still surprise me.

If you look close enough love is everywhere.

Love is... | Morgan's Milieu: A tipped lego box - yes, there's even love there.
Yes, even when a lego box has been tipped out!

I was going to tag people but instead of that I invite you, dear reader, to share what love is to you. If you decide to write a post, please tag it with #loveis, let me know you wrote it, and I'll be sure to pop over to read and comment.

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Health and Weight Loss Tips 32

Monday, October 5

Over the past week I've been more worried about 'looking good' than feeling good. I've worn jeans that are too small or too tight, I've worn make-up, I've spent entire days being uncomfortable because I thought it looked better.

11st 7.3lbs

39,364 steps

What I Read September Roundup

Sunday, October 4

I can't believe it's been a whole month since we got back from our holiday. It's gone so fast and I've been so busy!

With so much going on this month I wondered if I'd get much reading done but as it turns out I did. My list is getting longer by the day and I'm loving sharing my favourite posts with you. So without further ado...

A Styling Event with Lands' End

Saturday, October 3

Last weekend I attended my first ever blogger event at Lands' End in Oakham (not the one in Cornwall).

Although I'd never heard of Lands' End I was excited (and nervous too) to be finding out about them and attending my first event.

Why I Won't Be Returning to SeaWorld, Orlando

Friday, October 2

While on holiday in Florida we visited SeaWorld, it's a place we've been to many times before and I usually enjoy it. This time though, things were different.

The first time I visited SeaWorld, Orlando I was 22 and loved the place. I'd always loved sea life, had a fascination with dolphins. I was amazed that I could walk around and touch the animals. It was an incredible feeling feeding dolphins, touching them, I was moved to tears. 

Skills to Learn for a More Interesting Life

Lenore Edman

I know all too well how being a stay at home mum can make you feel isolated. I have felt the terrible boredom of having nothing to do but clean the house and run around after the kids. It's a sad case of affairs when you end up watching daytime television just for something to do. I eventually resolved to step outside of my comfort zone more and get out to meet new people and try new things. One of the best things I think you can do is to learn a new skill. It can open up a world of opportunity for you. You can gain a hobby, start travelling more or maybe even come up with a business idea. Here are some of my top skills to learn to change your life.