Post Comment Love 30th September - 2nd October


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Welcome back to another Post Comment Love, I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful posts.

This week has been weird, after last week's super organisation and lots of productivity I seem to have lost my motivation and I haven't been able to focus. So much is happening right now and it's difficult to focus on one thing at a time, but focus I must. I'm determined to get back into a good routine. Hopefully next week will be better.

Sometimes it SUCKS being a woman!


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It begins at age 10 or 11 - your body starts to change; hormones cause havoc, boobs grow, and BAM!

You’re a woman.

Just like that.
And it's not as if it happens nicely either. 

How do you know you're finally a woman?

You start bleeding.
From your genitals.


Children's chores and what they teach them about responsibility


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I have a list of chores for my boys and every day they have to make their way through the list before they can play games. Not only does giving them chores make my job a little easier but it also teaches my boys about responsibility. 

Making their bed

Both LP and BP have to do this in a morning after getting up. For LP I don't expect him to get it perfect but as long as his quilt is in the right place and neat then I'm happy. BP is expected to make sure his bed is made properly. 

Making their bed is becoming part of their morning routine and teaching them to keep their own things neat and tidy.

Menswear Autumn/Winter Staples


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With the cooler weather heading our way and having already featured my Autumn/Winter Style Staples for us ladies I thought I'd list a few for the men too. With these staples you won't need to go shopping every season, these will last and for all the men that hate shopping that's a bonus.

A great jumper is an absolute essential in any wardrobe. This Vivienne Westwood Round Neck Jumper is gorgeous and I can imagine it keeping your man warm on those chilly nights. It's a little pricey, at £155, but for that price you can expect it to last a few years. The jumper is described as lightweight and it has the Vivienne Westwood orb logo embroidered into one of the arms. If this one is not to your liking though there is a huge selection of great jumpers at the Garment Quarter.

How to improve your child's handwriting


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LP loves his sports, from football to badminton he likes nothing more than being outdoors running around burning off energy. He's an active boy and enjoys playing sociable games. He also enjoys maths (he relishes a challenge) and reading. LP is an insatiable reader and at bedtime he will often stay up late reading his favourite books. 

The problem is handwriting.

At 7 years old LP's handwriting is not great, his letters are all one size and he will often write letters backwards. When I attended parent's evening at the end of last year his handwriting was one of the things mentioned and his teacher said he needed to work on it. 

LP practises his handwriting every day after school. When trying to get him practising it can be tough to think of things for him to write but over the last few months I've come up with a few ideas.

We need to talk about home improvements


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Ok, so when you have a young family to care, for certain things can get pushed down the list. One of these is definitely home improvements. They can seem so overwhelming when there is so much to do already. But actually, a few small changes here and there can make a massive difference in the look and feel of your home. Carry on reading for some information and inspiration.


You can change the look of a whole room, by just updating the window dressings. It can make such a difference. If you would like to get more light into the space, go for a translucent or voil type dressing. This will allow your windows to feel dressed, without compromising on light.

Post Comment Love 23rd - 25th September


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It's time for Post Comment Love people! Come link up your best post of the week and get in touch with us if you'd like to be featured in a future #bloggershowcase.

We're well and truly back into the school routine now, LP is loving his after-school clubs and BP is enjoying seeing his friends. LP enjoyed a school trip to Nottingham Castle this week, he was so excited and he learned lots while there. It's so lovely seeing him excited about history. BP continues to push boundaries and stomp about the house when he can't get his own way but sometimes he's such a sweet boy. I love it when he's in a good mood, he's a lot more talkative then and I take the opportunity to listen to him when I can.

Tween issues you'll face as a parent


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BP is a tween, he's 12 years old and this time next year he'll be a teenager (OMG!). Over the past few years the Hubby and I have had to deal with a lot of new issues and I'm sure these things will continue to be issues for a few years yet. As your little one grows you'll have to deal with a whole host of new issues and when they hit that tween stage they become more complicated. Here's a few of the issues you'll have to face when you have a tween.


While I hate the thought of BP knowing about sex it has happened. The internet is filled with sex videos, there's all kinds of sites filled with "information" about sex, and his peers will be talking about it constantly. The older he gets the more curious he will be, it's inevitable. 

As his mum I have to come to terms with the fact that he is growing up, it is one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. It doesn't seem right. All I can do is talk to him and hope that he makes the right choices. 


BP doesn't like rules, he doesn't like doing chores, he doesn't like homework, and he doesn't like having to obey. He would much rather sit on his bottom (or lay around) in front of the TV. We have had rows over chores, BP stomps through the house because I've asked him to vacuum the lounge, and there has been tears over homework, but these rules teach him. 

Whether it's chores or homework if you have rules stick to them. While your tween will complain and argue they are learning that there are things in life you have to do. It sounds like a harsh lesson but it will do them good in the long run. 


BP is not good at coping with the emotions and hormones that race through his body. He bursts into tears at the drop of a hat, he can be truly happy for no apparent reason, and he snaps at his brother all the time. It can be amusing watching his moods change from sad to happy after a text from a friend but at the same time it makes us realise how fragile he is right now.

An innocent comment can be taken the wrong way and become a huge deal. Arguing becomes a shouting match. And tears flow.

Tweens are fragile, they're trying to deal with peer pressure at the same as these hormones are causing havoc. It's okay to give them a break.


As their bodies begin to change they need to change their hygiene habits. Starting to use deodorant, being reminded to change clothes and shower often, it's all a part of growing up. I have to remind BP every day about his hygiene. 


Tweens have secrets. Everything is a secret, from friends to going out. While it may seem like they're keeping things from you you have to realise that it is okay for them to have secrets. Respecting their privacy is important, but at the same time you have to make them aware that you'll be there if they need you. 


Their sleep patterns change as they get older. BP's bedtime is 9pm but I know he will often stay awake until at least 11pm either reading or drawing. It is difficult getting him to realise that although he may not feel tired at night he still needs to sleep. Him struggling to get up in a morning has been the cause of a few arguments.

Being strict on bedtimes and trying to ensure they go to sleep at bedtime is all you can do. Whether or not they listen is another matter.


From arguments about bedtimes to rule-breaking your tween is testing their boundaries. They're trying to break out and be their own person. It is a difficult thing to deal with, you want them to be independent but you also want to protect them from anything that might hurt them.

All you can do is be there for them, and make sure they're obeying the rules when necessary!

Are there any issues you've faced with your tween that I didn't mention?

The Perfect Date Night Outfit


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As busy parents it's not often that the Hubby and I get to have a proper date night. More often than not, when given the opportunity to go out, we'd much rather stay in watch movies and drink bourbon. But sometimes a night out is just what you both need and with that in mind I thought I'd put together my perfect date night outfit.

Let's start with the dress, because let's face it - it has to be a dress. Being around a UK size 18 at the moment I'm conscious about the type of dress I wear, I know certain styles suit me and certain styles do not. A bodycon dress certainly wouldn't work very well but I have a bigger bust and a V-neck or plunge neckline works. Halter neck is another great choice.

Visiting Chester Zoo


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At the start of summer we asked the boys to come up with ideas for things to do during the summer holidays. One of the ideas was to go to a zoo and after a little research we settled on Chester Zoo. It is supposed to be the best zoo in the country with thousands of species of animals.

When we settled on Chester Zoo we worked out that we had to book in advance to get the best deal on price. It’s always a bit of a risk doing that in this country because you can never count on the weather being good. We did book in advance and checked the weather report daily as the day rolled round.

We got up on the day and it was pouring, the skies were dull and there was no sign of the sun. Typical. Of course we couldn’t abandon the trip because of the weather and I did hold out hope that the weather would improve during our journey to Chester.

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