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Welcome back to another Post Comment Love, and after BritMums Live last weekend I'm excited to see what you link up this week.

I had an amazing time at BritMums Live, I met some fabulous people including my lovely co-host Steph. We finally managed to meet each other for real and a great chat! 

Not only did I meet lots of great people I also learned a lot and even now I'm still processing it all. I have plans for the blog in the future but I still need to work out how to start them and there's still lots of learning to do. 

After pulling my back at the conference I'm still recovering, I don't need quite as many painkillers as I did but there's still twinges every now and again. Isn't it always the way that as soon as you do something you've been looking forward to for ages something happens to dampen it just slightly? 

Well anyway, after taking pills at the conference I was able to enjoy meeting with brands and other bloggers and I learned about Content Strategy and planning posts for your niche, I even learned what my niche is!

Tracky Train OUT NOW!


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This is it people! Tracky Train is OUT NOW!!

About the game

Lay track to stay ahead of the speeding Train. Keep moving or the Train will catch up and CRASH into you! Stay ahead by making sure the Train picks up the waiting passengers and stops at the stations to drop them off. 

By swiping across the screen you control the handcar and lay tracks for the train that is following you. As the train goes past passengers it stops to pick them up (unless it's full) and each time you drop off passengers at a station you earn coins. You use your coins to upgrade your train and unlock new ones.

Nurture your kids' immunity with new-look Nurture Drinks


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With the focus on sugar in drinks at the moment I'm on the lookout for healthy drinks for my boys. Getting them to drink water is the best way to nurture their immunity but them actually drinking water is another matter.

I have started adding Robinsons Squash'd to their water to get them to drink it, and it's proving popular. 

But another way you could get your kids drinking more healthy drinks is to try out the new-look Nurture.

Nurture is basically water blended with fruit juice and it has "no added nonsense". The drinks are enriched with vitamins and minerals to boost your child's immunity.

5 things I learned from BritMums Live


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I attended BritMums Live on Saturday and I'm still recovering, it was tiring and it's taken me until now to be able to think about the things I learned.

It was an amazing day and I met so many wonderful people that I've admired for a long time. I laughed, cried, pulled my back, and ate nice food, but most of all I learned.

1. It is a tiring day.

Getting up at 5am and not arriving home until after 10:30pm means you'll need at least a whole day to recover. I travelled from Nottingham train station and arrived in London at 9:30am, it should've been earlier than that but there were problems with the line and I had to change trains in Luton. These problems contributed to my stress levels which may have added to my need for recovery time. But it's not just the early morning that got to me, the busy day spent learning, and talking, and then not getting home until late meant I was wiped out. My brain felt like it had turned to mush from working so hard!

Next time I will probably stay in London either one or two nights to make the whole thing a little less stressful and allow me time to process.

What I Read 52


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What better way to spend Sunday than relaxing on the sofa and reading through my selection in this week's What I Read.

I was at BritMums Live yesterday and am exhausted so I'm spending my Sunday relaxing. Reading is one of the best ways to relax right? So I've got a great selection for you this week.

Yvonne wrote a brilliant post about strength a while ago. When I first started reading I thought the post was about make-up as the title is Putting My Face On, and like Yvonne's mum it's something my mum used to say too. However, as I continued to read I realised that this post is about so much more than make-up, it's about strength and determination. A great read.

Parenting a child with autism is difficult, you face new (and old) challenges all the time. When I think of autistic children I usually imagine small children, say 6 or 7, but of course those children grow up. Debbie's post, Parenting an Older Child With Autism, explains how challenging it continues to be when your child has autism.

Although I'd heard the word Fibromyalgia I had no idea what it was. Then I read Laura's post Fibromyalgia Awareness Day 2016. Laura has Fibromyalgia and it doesn't sound like much fun at all. It's funny how we feel we can judge how someone is feeling by how they look isn't it? And like Laura says, "just because you cannot see it, does not mean I do not suffer". Please do head over and read.

Having had a fabulous week Kim shares her word of the week, Super. In her post she writes about the wonderful week her and her family have had. I love this kind of positivity, it makes me smile and brightens my day. 

When you're stressed you can get bogged down with the little details and you're not as patient as usual. It can be tough dealing with stress but @mrs_tubbs has got the post for you: Things to do when feeling stressed. She's written some top tips for easing the stress and they're great ones too. I particularly like a comment by Rev T. Go check it out now.

Travelling with children can be really stressful, you need to make sure you have lots of entertainment to keep them busy while on a plane. But how do you entertain a toddler? Or a baby? Before going on holiday Katie asked her friends for tips on how to survive the plane journey with her little one. It turns out that the advice she got wasn't great, as she explains in Why everything I was told about travelling with a baby was wrong.

Post Comment Love 24th - 26th June


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Welcome to Post Comment Love, THE best linky in town (okay, so I may be biased). Link up your favourite post of the week to give it that extra bit of love. 

Well, it's BritMums Live TOMORROW!! I can't believe it, it's come around so fast. It seems only two minutes ago I was wondering whether or not to buy a ticket. I have my list of people to look out for, I have my business cards, but I have yet to get my bag ready! I should probably do that huh? If you're there tomorrow do say hello, I'd love to meet you!

I've got BP off school today, another INSET day. I do wonder sometimes how many of those days they need. Saying that though, it's one less thing to think about today so that's good. My head is occupied with BritMums stuff and I'm convinced I'll forget something or make a complete fool of myself.

My Doodles Dragon Watch Review


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In a previous post I explained how My Doodles have teamed up with Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens to produce a selection of products to raise money. 

For every sale they make 50p goes directly to Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens. 

I was sent the Dragon Watch recently to review and when LP saw it he thought it was great.

LP loved that it had a Dragon on it and that it was blue. He's just starting to learn about telling the time at school and so he thought it was great that he had a watch to practice with. 

Enjoy More Water with Robinsons Squash'd


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This week I've been continuing with my ParkLives challenge and enjoyed a walk on Friday. The rain held off (thankfully), and during our walk we stuck to the paths in Wollaton Park. It was warm but dull and although I had my coat I think I could've managed without it. 

It was a shorter walk last week because of the weather and we only managed 1.8 miles but at least it's something. I enjoyed chatting to the women again as we wandered around the park and it was great being outdoors. 

My weight is pretty much the same, I've put some on and I've lost some. I'm not sure if I need to be putting in more effort but right now I'm happy to maintain. As long as I'm not gaining weight constantly then I'm good. The walks are definitely helping, and even if it's only once per week at least it's something. 

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to drink more water, they say it helps you lead a healthier lifestyle. I've switched my morning coffee for a pint of iced water and I have to say I've been enjoying it. 

As part of the #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge the boys and I have been trying out Robinsons Squash'd, the super concentrated squash that comes in a bottle small enough to keep in your handbag! The Robinsons range contains no added sugar, is free from artificial colours and preservatives and is a great way to get drinking more water this summer.

Beating mum loneliness by attending Britmums Live!


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Even with children aged 7 and 11 I struggle with mum loneliness. I work at home, as does the Hubby, so it's not like I'm alone at any time, but the friendships are the things I miss.

Before having children I had lots of friends, I saw them frequently and enjoyed lots of nights out. But life happened and I, and they, moved on. These days I have one or two friends but I don't see them often at all. It's usually just a quick "hello" at the school gates when I'm dropping LP off.

What I miss about my mum friends is the gossip, the mindless chatter and laughs that you can't really get anywhere else.

That's why I'm looking forward to attending Britmums Live on Saturday. It's going to be a very long day, I'll be waking at 5:30am to get the train from Nottingham into London and then there will be a long walk to The Brewery.

What I Read 51


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This week I've decided to do a special Dad's version of What I Read, gotta give those dads the extra love today!

An amusing but touching post from Jeremy over at Thirsty Daddy entertained me a while back. Fancy a ghostly story then check out I see little people, in which Jeremy writes about a particularly scary night. The ending is brilliant and will definitely entertain you!

For some unknown reason I'd not visited Dave's blog, the DADventurer, until recently but knew it would make my 'must read' list. The post I read was Ensuring Your Toddler Has An Active Lifestyle and Dave talks about keeping his little one active. It's always great to see dads trying to set a good example.

I love most of Tim's posts but The loneliness of being away in particular struck a chord with me. As the wife of a man who has spent a lot of his working life travelling to the USA and Japan I could totally relate to this. I've often listened to the Hubby's complaints about leaving us again to go on a trip and how it's not all glamorous like people imagine. The Hubby was always happy to be home, just like Tim is at the end of his post.

John's post, Father Christmas: the subject of playground gossip, had me nodding and laughing along. Mostly because I've had to have a discussion about Santa with BP and we're still keeping the magic alive for LP. It's a difficult balance sometimes and I'm sure the LP will soon realise what's really going on but while we can we're keeping Santa alive in our house. For John this discussion with his little one was a relief, but at the same time he was saddened. Have you had the talk about Santa with your kids yet? Stop by and let John know how you coped with it.

A post by Al over at The Dad Network had me laughing; I'm Turning Into My Dad! PLUS The Official Top Ten Dadisms! I giggled along while reading this post because I'm just the same with my mum. I say things my mum said when I was a teen, I find myself echoing her words ALL THE TIME! A great way to celebrate dads... turning into them!

Being a huge fan of Netflix it's always lovely to read when someone else has found that they love it too. Add to that the fact that I've found another Dad blog I enjoy reading and I was one happy lady! Tom, who writes at Diary of the Dad, has just joined the Netflix Stream Team and they've been trying out the various TV series. I'll be interested to hear more about the things Tom enjoys watching as he explores the app more.

Help me celebrate these great Dad Bloggers by stopping by and reading their posts!

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