Morgan's Milieu

Sunday, February 7

January has been a huge month both blogging and reading wise, my list is growing again and my blogging is going from strength to strength. 

In What I Read 34 there was a couple of great blogging posts; So you want to be a blogger... by Mrs Tubbs and I am loving: blogging and being totally free by Katy. Being a parenting blogger a lot of the posts I read are about parenting and being a mum, I loved 15 signs you are actually a granny mum by Talya, The Tween Years by Mrs C, F*** the guilt ladies by Kate, and A letter from dad by Tim.

Friday, February 5

Another week another Post Comment Love, is it just me or do the weeks fly by faster the older you get?

I visited Eden Hall this week and had a whole day off, no writing, no tweeting, it was very refreshing. It's interesting, going somewhere you're not allowed to use your phone, it makes you disconnect and you see things in a whole new light.

Thursday, February 4

Yesterday I spent the day at Eden Hall, a day spa that I've visited many times and absolutely adore. I've been with friends and family lots of times but more recently have gone on my own. This is much better, I can please myself and don't need to entertain anyone - heaven!

Lady in a swimming pool, relaxing. When was the last time you switched off?

Visiting Eden Hall is a chance to switch off completely. They don't allow mobile phones anywhere in the spa, you have to keep them in your locker, and so you wander around completely disconnected. It is a refreshing experience. 

Wednesday, February 3

Now we have all started getting back to normal after the Christmas madness; it’s time to start planning your summer holiday. It’s your job to plan and organise a trip they can treasure the memories of forever. But the hassle of planning a perfect family holiday can be stressful and overwhelming when you’re doing it by yourself. So here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to keep you and your whole family happy while you’re away.

Image found on Flickr

Get your family involved

Often parents will decide where they want to go and not involved their children in their decision. This can often lead to tantrums and arguments. So to help you decide, show your family some destination options that are suitable for your budget. That way you can discuss the activities, day trips and accommodation that is available and get everybody’s opinion. You could use brochures, the internet and maps to give everyone an idea of what it will be like to visit. You may realise that one destination is unsuitable for children or doesn’t have many activity packed adventures for you to try. After going through your options, you can then casts a vote and decide that way. This will take the pressure off you and ensure you’re choosing the right destination for your trip.

Tuesday, February 2

Featuring new bloggers in #PoCoLo's Newbie Showcase with Stephanie and sharing the blog love for posts I've loved reading in #WhatIRead make me happy. I believe sharing, commenting, and bigging up other bloggers is important, more to the point I enjoy doing it.

The problem with #WhatIRead and Newbie Showcase is that they don't let me showcase bloggers that have been at it for a while, the people behind the posts, posts that have inspired me.

When a dear blogging friend contacted me about being featured in the Newbie Showcase and I found out her blog was just over the age threshold I decided to go ahead with an idea that has been brewing for a long time. 


Monday, February 1

After last week's dip in progress I was feeling a tad deflated about it all. Weight loss can get like that though can't it? Sometimes our weight goes up, sometimes down, but what we need to realise is that that's just part of the journey.

A weight graph, weight up the side and day of the week along the bottom.

It is such a struggle sticking to a 'diet' when you feel like you're not making progress. More so when the weather is horrible (although that might just be me!), for some reason rubbish weather just contributes to wanting to eat fast food.

Sunday, January 31

The brilliant thing about hosting a linky is that I get to read some fantastic posts and add to my every-growing list of posts to share. Welcome to number 37 (!) of What I Read, I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much as I did.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if your kids thanked you for everything you do? This, I'm sure, is what prompted the blog post 'If Kids Gave Gratitude'. It was the first time I'd visited but it certainly made an impression and I'll be back for sure. Please head over there for a read, you won't be disappointed.

Friday, January 29

I've said before that I love going to the theatre, and living in Nottingham is great because we have the Theatre Royal nearby. At the start of the year we saw Aladdin there and more recently, and because of a competition win, we went to see The Snowman.

The Snowman

Every Christmas when I was a little girl I remember watching The Snowman on TV. I have fond memories and, even now, it brings a tear to my eye at the end. The TV adaptation of The Snowman will always have a place in my heart, and I hope that will be the same for my children. 

When I won a Mumsnet competition for a family ticket to see The Snowman at the theatre I squealed! Literally! The Hubby and I were playing scrabble with BP and they both wondered what was going on. 

Hello and welcome back to another Post Comment Love with me and my co-host Stephanie. We have loved hosting this linky so far, long may it continue!

This week seems to have flown by and I don't really remember what's happened. On Wednesday evening we went to see The Snowman at the Theatre Royal in Nottingham, LP had me in fits of laughter when we were playing I-Spy before the show began.

Thursday, January 28

Just lately I've been having cereal for my breakfast, it's quick and easy, and tasty.

A hand drawn bowl of cereal with the words "Regular cereal vs. low sugar cereal, which is more healthy?"

I don't like to mess about at breakfast time, I already have loads to do in a morning without messing about trying to make myself a fruit salad or some other 'healthy' breakfast. I'm all about the quick and easy breakfasts.