Time to Attend Class

Monday, November 30

Last week I said that I'm not feeling healthy and I was doing my best to sort that out. That's still true today and I've even begun to think about attending some local exercise classes (if I can find any).

My weight last week: 11st 11.5lbs
My weight this week: 11st 11.6lbs

Steps last week: 42,753
Steps this week: 37,575

That's 0.1lbs on, and a lot less steps. I blame the weather.

With the awful weather, loads of nice food, and the comfort of home it's so easy to sit on my bottom and do nothing. I'm finding it hard to motivate myself to go on the treadmill, even though I used to enjoy it.

I'm wondering if I start attending a class or two, get myself out and DO something, then maybe I'll be more motivated to run too.

Like I said before my knees are an issue at the moment and losing weight will ease it, so that's the priority. 

I'm going to try a new technique to trick myself into thinking I'm having a larger meal - smaller plates. Whenever I put out dinner in an evening I give the kids less than me and the Hubby, obviously. The boys have smaller plates and it's easy to give them less, but BP is getting bigger now and wants to eat more. Perhaps what I ought to be doing is letting BP have the bigger plate and I have the smaller one.

I'll try it out and see how I go.

I know the usual trick is to put off losing weight until the new year, after all Christmas is almost upon us and those mince pies won't eat themselves right?

But if I wait then after Christmas I will weigh half a stone more than I do now, perhaps even more.

Instead I'm starting now, I won't deny myself the nice things but I'll be conscious of what I'm eating. Rather than just scoffing everything in sight I'll limit my intake.

How will you handle the weight loss through the Christmas period?

Learning to Surf The Waves of Life

Life is unpredictable.

Each and every one of us lives our daily lives in ignorance of the very real fact that something could happen at any time to change our life forever.

Life is like the Sea. Beautiful & Serene. Savage & Unrelenting.

Life is like the sea - beautiful and serene in places, showing such sights you could cry, but it is also savage, an unrelenting beast that can attack at any moment.

What I Read 33

Sunday, November 29

Although I've been quiet on social media the last few days I'm still here. I'm reading posts as much as I can, so let's get on with the blog love shall we?

Stuck For Baby Gifts This Christmas? Fabulous Ideas To Inspire

Friday, November 27

Parents will always want to spoil their kids on Christmas day. It’s the day we get to bring magic to life with the promise of Santa Claus and presents. 

Image credit

While our older children will love getting involved, babies are too young to understand what’s going on. But that doesn’t mean they too can’t get involved with the festivities. Here’s a list of fabulous gift ideas that will help you buy for any baby that you know this Christmas.

How to Add a Custom Header to Blogger

Thursday, November 26

So you've created your header using Canva or PicMonkey, or some other creative tool, but what now?

It's time to add that gorgeousness to Blogger.

How to add a custom header to Blogger

Thoughts on Blogfest '15

Wednesday, November 25

On Saturday I attended Mumsnet's Blogfest '15, it was my first blogging conference. I am still processing, my head is full and it's hard for me to put everything into order but I'm going to try and share what I learned.

A Mum is NOT just a Mum - Don't give up your dreams.

Listening to Meera Syal CBE, Bridget Christie, Polly Vernon, Catherine Mann, and Margaret Atwood (via link to Toronto at 4am!) was inspirational. Bryony Gordon hosted a fantastic talk in which the ladies discussed being a mum at the same time as trying to have a career. I heard how a supportive partner is handy, knowing your worth is important, but being able to express yourself is essential.

Planning and Action in Progress

Tuesday, November 24

This morning I did the food shopping and although I bought chocolate, it wasn't for me, and crisps (also not for me) I also bought fruit, Upbeat drinks, and planned my meals for the week.

Food to avoid: burgers and chips, fried chicken, cookies, and muffins are just a few of the things you ought to avoid when on a diet.

My weight last week was 11st 12.5lbs
My weight this week is 11st 11.5lbs

What I Read 32

Sunday, November 22

It's time to share my favourite reads from this week, and I have to say my list is getting rather long. The posts I share may be from a few weeks ago but be sure that I enjoyed reading them.

What I Read 32 badge, gold circles with pink writing.

How To Make Your Navigation Menu Float

Friday, November 20

When you scroll through my blog you may have noticed that my Navigation Menu stays at the top. It floats over my blog rather than staying at the top of the page and disappearing when you scroll down. 

In this post I'm going to show you how to make your Navigation Menu float.

As always use the "Inspect Element" to try out changes before changing your HTML.

Where Has My Cheery Boy Gone?

Thursday, November 19

For as long as I can remember LP has been the entertainer of the family. He's energetic and he always has a smile on his face.

Or at least that's how it was.

But now my cheery boy seems to have gone.

There's a teenager hiding inside that little man!

He's been replaced with a moody, sulky, 6 year old.