A New Yoga Routine

At the start of half-term, concerned that I wouldn't be doing any walking, I checked out yoga videos on YouTube

I rolled out the mat. The instructor recommended doing yoga every day for a week. And this is how it went...

Monday 27th October

Day 1

Followed the instructor on the video. My whole body stretched and lengthened which is a new experience. I enjoyed it though. Being able to exercise my body without getting out of breath is nice too.

Tuesday 28th October

Day 2

Using the same video. A twinge pulled at my muscles but I pushed through it. After twenty minutes I was proud of myself for doing it.

Wednesday 29th October

Day 3

I woke feeling stiff and achy.

Yesterday I walked into Nottingham with the family, 6 miles there and 6 miles back. My feet hurt, my legs ached and my arms hung by my side. The prospect of stretching already aching muscles made me want to crawl back into bed.

I made myself roll out the yoga mat and afterwards felt much better. I was pleased that I pushed through the barrier.

Thursday 30th October

Day 4

While doing the video today my muscles cried out. They were tense and I almost gave up. During downward dog my arms got tired and wobbled. Again I saw it through to the end. 

On a positive note the stretching is helping my tired muscles and my breathing has improved.

Friday 31st October

Day 5

I never realised how little upper body strength I had until today. My arms shook and I thought they might give way. I'm getting better at twists and as I breathe into it I push further. My legs are stronger too. I’ve always loved my legs, they’re my best feature when I work out. Now I’m working them harder with the yoga they’re more toned. My middle area needs work and twists should help with that.

Every morning so far I’ve had to make myself do the yoga. But I roll out the mat knowing I'll be pleased when I'm finished.

After every session I am refreshed, I could get into this yoga thing!