Blogger Showcase

I love sharing the blog love with other bloggers; reading, commenting, and sharing posts I enjoyed in #WhatIRead.

Not just that but being able to give newbies a chance to introduce themselves to other bloggers through the Newbie Showcase in Post Comment Love linky I run with Stephanie also makes me happy.

What about the rest of you though?

I've always felt that there's a gap and I think it's time that gap got filled, so welcome to a new feature on Morgan's Milieu called... 

Blogger Showcase 

Blogger Showcase is just what it says, it's an opportunity for me to showcase/feature other bloggers.

It's a chance for you to introduce yourself to my readers, let me know why you blog, what you enjoy, what your hobbies are, or any special stories you may have. Anything goes (within limits) and I cannot wait to start showcasing you wonderful bloggers out there.

So what do you do if you want to be featured on Blogger Showcase?

Simply get in touch.

I cannot wait to share your story.