7 ways to de-stress this half term

Half term is just around the corner and mums with kids in school know how stressful half term can be. With trying to find activities for them to do as well as dealing with their constant requests we are put on edge and they slowly drive us crazy. But this time I'm putting a few ideas together to help you de-stress and hopefully cope with the week.

Play Centres

Back when they were babies we dreaded going to the play centre didn't we? Climbing up those uncomfortable stairs with our little one, trying to show them not to be afraid walking over the wobbly bridge despite being terrified ourselves. It was an hour that zapped our energy and sent us crying to the bathroom whenever the request came. 

Live and work but do not forget to play, to have fun in life and really enjoy it. 

Eileen Caddy

Now though things are different. Play centres are wonderful places when your child can be told to "go off and play" and they're happy to. With boys at 9 and 14 I'm at this stage and have been for a while and I love play centres. Sometimes BP, 14, won't want to "play" but he still goes off to mess around with his brother, which is great. 

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Head to the local play centre to wear your kids out - you may even chat with friends!
The play centre. Once a dreaded trip now a welcome break!

Once your kids are old enough to go off on their own play centres are amazing. You can arrange to meet up with your kids' friends' parents so you can sit and have a chat while your kids play together. It's a great way to let your kids run riot for an hour while you have a coffee and catch up with friends. It also wears out your kids so by the time you leave they're ready for a rest and you can go home and chill out. 

Local activities

Libraries, leisure centres, even local village halls tend to run various activities during half term. They're there to help you keep your kids entertained and usually there's refreshments on hand for you too. It's a quick and easy way to get your kids out of the house doing something and doesn't take much effort on your part, apart from getting them there. Check Facebook, your local supermarket's "what's on" advertising space, or ask around at school - people are sure to let you know.

Movie day at home

Plan a movie day. Stock up on popcorn and other snacks, plan an easy lunch/dinner and select a few of your favourite movies - you could even choose some movies you haven't seen yet. Then settle down for a lazy movie day. It's not often you get to stay in your pyjamas and watch TV all day but if you make into an "activity" your kids will love it.

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Pick movies, grab the popcorn, and wear your pjs!
My boys love a good movie day.

We have a few movies on our must-see list currently and I've been checking out the movies so I can organise our own movie day this coming half term. We already have Ready Player One on the list and I've got a few other ideas too. What movies would you watch?

Play outside

Let - or make - the kids play outside. Even if it's drizzling or snowing getting them to go outside encourages them to be kids. It's easy, particularly during half term, to let them sit and play video games all day so that you can get some peace but making them go outside for a while will get them doing something - getting a bit a of exercise.

Being outdoors is good for them, even if they claim to hate it. I have often made BP, 14, go outside to kick a football around with his brother because if I didn't he would never get any exercise. It's not good for them to be indoors the whole time so being Evil Mum occasionally helps them. And as an added bonus you get to enjoy a hot coffee while they're outside playing!


I know I just said you can't let them play games all day but allowing them time to play is not a bad thing. Consoles and video games are constantly called out as the cause for a lot of anti-social behaviour but I do think they have a place in our society, particularly now.

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Let them play - it's okay occasionally.
I don't know what my boys would do without their consoles!

My two play games a lot. After school, at weekends, and especially during holidays and half term. Sometimes I wonder if they play too much, and I will reduce the amount they're allowed to play - but usually I don't mind them going on their games. Back when we played games (if you ever did) it was always a solo venture - you sat in front of the TV on your own and made your character tackle monsters or jump over gaps in the landscape, but these days it's a more social thing. My boys are always talking to their friends when they play and they come up with strategies and tackle obstacles together

Talking to each other is something that doesn't often happen these days as kids are constantly on their phones, but as they are concentrating on the game at hand it encourages them to talk to people. Working together towards a common goal teaches them about cooperation and they feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach the goal. And coming up with strategies to tackle problems can never be bad thing can it? They also get to learn which strategies work and which don't - helping their mental capacity to solve problems.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn. 

Benjamin Franklin

Allowing them to play their games also means you get to have a little peace while they do! Grab that coffee while you can. 

Days out

Theme parks, Castles, even a walk through the woods. Get outside with your kids, teach them about the world around them, about the history of a castle or how roller-coasters work. I've always found that we talk about the world a lot more when we go out for the day. 

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | Visit a local castle and learn about its history...
We love visiting our local area and learning the history of it.

Walking around your local area is a great way to get out and about and talk to your kids. We've discussed everything from how trees grow to complicated science and maths questions. It gives your kids a chance to "get bored" and start wondering about the world. Once they do that the questions might never stop, but getting them thinking about the world around them can never be a bad thing.

If all else fails

If you tried the play centre and the kids didn't like it. Local activities were "boring". Movie day failed because they just argued about which movie to watch. Getting them to play outside was a non-starter. Their consoles were confiscated because of all the arguing, and days out are just not going to happen right now there's only one thing left for you to do... 

Lock yourself in the bathroom!

Let the kids run riot in the house, forget about doing any chores or cleaning up after them, and just hide. Take a coffee with you, and your Kindle or a book and just hope they can keep themselves busy long enough that they don't notice where you are!

7 Ways To De-Stress This Half Term | You don't have to spend a fortune or go to lots of places to have a great half term.

Being a stay-at-home mum during half term is taxing, the kids are always fighting that boredom and it's your job to make sure they have enough to keep them busy. But hopefully these things will help you during the upcoming half term.

What plans do you have for half term?

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  1. Some fantastic ideas for half term fun! I am crossing my fingers and hoping the weather will be ok so we can get out geocaching! Sim xx #PoCoLo

    1. I used to love Geocaching! We can't do it at the mo because of Hubby's feet but I'm sure we'll get back to it eventually. xx

  2. All of my children are adults now, but I love these suggestions for my grandkids! Thank you.

    1. Definitely! Even more fun to be had with the grandkids! xx

  3. Great suggestions. just hoping that the weather either improves or snows so that we can do some fun things! #PoCoLo

    1. Totally agree Jo. LP is hoping for more snow! 😂

  4. I arrive back in the UK for the last part of half term and I'm hoping the weather is good so I can get Things 1,2 & 3 outside as much as possible (great nephews)

    1. I hope the weather improves too - even if it's just that it's not raining! ;)

  5. Great tips to help deal with half term especially the last one, done that a few times 😉 X #pocolo

  6. I really appreciate that you've put gaming on this list - it gets so villifed but kids learn so many skills and really use their brains when gaming! I put a lot of my problem-solving ability down to my passion of gaming. The other suggestions are great as well, and there are some fantastic days out that don't even cost anything. One thing we like to do when my stepdaughter is down is go out for coffee but we all take something relaxing with us - she takes a sticker book, I take a book or magazine, and my partner takes Reddit. Still spending time together but in a nice, chill way!

    1. That sounds great Hannah. I think gaming does give the kids important skills, and while it's given a bad reputation in the media I think as long as it's limited then it can't be a bad thing. Your coffee day sounds awesome. I think we'll add that to our list too! 😉