How to beat Blue Monday and bring a little light into your life

Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the year, apparently - is next week, and in preparation I decided to put together a few ways you can beat Blue Monday and bring a little light into your life. This time of year, when it's still dark when you get out of bed and the sun is setting before 5pm, it can be easy to let the short days get to you. Add to that the colder weather and being back at work after a long break, and it's easy to see why there's a 'Blue Monday', but if you know me at all you know I like to look on the bright side of life. I like to see the positives...

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Search for the light and you'll find it - it's everywhere.

It may be dark outside but that doesn't mean there isn't light somewhere.

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself. 

Desiderius Erasmus

Wear bright colours

One of the ways I make myself feel better during the winter months is to wear brighter colours. White, yellow, orange, anything that will make you smile and think of brighter days. Yellow always makes me smile, it makes me think of summer and spending days outdoors.

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Wearing bright colours can really make you feel happier - I always reach for the colours in the winter!
Me, wearing my favourite dress - although in the winter I'd probably have a cardigan too!

With no colour anywhere outside (unless you count grey!) bringing colour into your wardrobe will help you feel better. You might not be seeing lots of colourful flowers around but you can be the flower and bring bright colours into your day.

Treat yourself

Treating yourself to a fancy coffee when you're feeling down is a good way to pick yourself up. You're back at work, the weather is awful, but at least you can get a good coffee and enjoy a few minutes peace while you drink it.

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Getting a moment of peace to drink your favourite coffee can make everything seem better.

For me, nothing beats drinking my favourite coffee (Nescafe Gingerbread Latte) first thing in a morning while the kids are still in bed and I've got the house to myself. The house is quiet and I can sit and enjoy the coffee without having to get up and make breakfast for everyone - even if it's still dark outside that coffee makes my morning seem bright.

And if you're more into regular coffee, because nothing beats your morning coffee, then Wayfair has a great guide that includes information about bean types as well as top tips for getting the perfect cup of coffee.

Meet friends

One thing is for sure, friends are a brilliant way of picking yourself up if you're feeling down. Meeting friends for coffee, taking the kids to your local play centre and letting them go crazy, it's a great way to get smiling again and enjoy a little time out of the house. Friends are brilliant at getting you smiling, and it will make you feel good to chat.

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Friends are people who can brighten your day in an instant!
Getting together with the girls will make you smile straight away!

I always enjoy meeting friends for coffee, and while we don't do it nearly often enough it's always an enjoyable time to be sitting chatting. You get to moan about the kids, you get to offload all the things that have been annoying you, as well as listening to their gripes - and you both feel brighter because of it. Having someone you can moan to, or laugh with, makes beating Blue Monday easy!

Favourite movies

When it's dark outside and there's no reason to be enjoying the outdoors one of the best things you can do is to watch your favourite movies. Grab a bucket of popcorn, your favourite blanket, and settle down to watch your favourites. Comedies always work well, get yourself laughing and you'll feel so much better. There don't seem to be many comedy movies but there's a few that we always enjoy, like Hot Fuzz, 50 First Dates, and Austin Powers.


At a time when it being dark in a morning can get you down why not look out for the bright side - like being able to watch the sunrise. A few weeks ago I caught the most beautiful sunrise I've seen in months, the sky was lit up with orange and red hues and and I had a moment's peace where I could just look out and watch the sun rise. It was truly a lovely few minutes and I was so thankful that I got it.

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Sunrise is so beautiful - take a moment to enjoy it.

Sometimes it's not always possible to see the sunrise, cloudy days and frosty mornings can make it difficult. However, look out for the clear mornings - the ones where the sun lights up the sky in an array of colours - and just take a moment to enjoy it.

Upbeat music

Nothing beats playing some upbeat music and dancing around your lounge to bring a little light into your day. There's something special about music, the right tune can have you smiling in no time - think about the song that was played when you and your husband got married and I bet you smile. Think about a song you used to dance around to in the Nightclubs when you were young and you'll smile - maybe even laugh when you remember some of the antics you got up to!

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Dance like no one is watching!

Music plays such an important role in our lives, we use it to entertain ourselves but lots of tunes end up holding special memories for us. One of mine is The Final Countdown by Europe - this is the song the Hubby decided to play in the car when I was in labour, about to give birth to LP,  and we were on our way to the hospital! It makes me laugh every time I hear it because despite me being stressed about the birth the Hubby did his best to make me laugh - and it worked.

So put on some tunes and jump about in your lounge - you'll feel brilliant!

Say hello

If you head out of your house why not say hello to someone? You have no idea what other people are going through and a simple "hello" could make them feel good, and in turn make you feel good. It's always nice to greet people and it is often accompanied with a smile, which we all know is contagious.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart. 

Anthony J. D'Angelo

Open your heart and chat to people and you might find a friend for life, or you could make a difference to someone going through tough times.


As well as saying hello to people, smile! Like I said, a smile is contagious and people can't help smiling back when you flash them your pearly whites. A smile can spread quickly and before you know it you're feeling brighter even though it's pouring rain outside and you're stuck at the bus stop.

Take a moment

If none of the above helps here's one thing I force myself to do when I'm feeling dark. Go somewhere you can get a quiet moment and think about all you have. Family, friends, and love, think about the love that spreads out from you to your family and then comes back. Take a moment to appreciate all you have and you're sure to smile.

How To Beat Blue Monday And Bring A Little Light Into Your Life | Use these tips to make your Blue Monday a little brighter.

Blue Monday may be the most depressing day of the year but that doesn't mean you have to let the darkness in. Think about all the good things in your life, bring colour into your wardrobe, and play your favourite tunes and you'll seen be letting a little light into your life.

How do you let a little light into your life?

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And if you want to learn to be kinder to yourself, to give yourself time to have a coffee - and get an activity book for your kids - I'm here to help!


  1. Oh yes to all of these. I’d probably add. Go for a walk. Thank you for hosting 🌈 A#POCOLO

    1. Ooh yes, walking. I'm so jealous that you get to walk on the beach! 😉

  2. Some great ideas here :-) Watching a good comedy always cheers me up and I also find that if I'm feeling sluggish and I put on some energetic music it always brightens me up and gets me moving #PoCoLo

    1. Thanks! Yes to the music, it's always a good pick-me-up isn't it? x

  3. Some great tips here Morgan. I don't drink coffee myself but a cup of tea always hits the spot. I also find a good blast of show tunes to sing along to always lifts my mod. #pocolo

    1. Thanks Louisa, yep tea instead of coffee if that's your thing is totally the thing to do. ❤️ show tunes! xx

  4. I had no idea there was a Blue Monday. In the USA that will be Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday so we get the day off. It is nice to take a day off and have some ME time. Have a wonderful Blue Monday! Kippi #kippiathome

    1. Day off? What's that? 😂 As a mum we rarely get them huh? Thanks Kippi, I hope you enjoy your day off! xx

  5. Some great ideas here Morgan. I don't think I feel Blue Monday quite so much now that I am a SAHM, but still very useful for these winter mornings. #PoCoLo

    1. I think being a SAHM definitely makes things easier, especially if the kids are at school! 😂
      But these tips do work well for the dark mornings when everything is just a little bit depressing. 👍🏻

  6. Taking a walk outside, hopefully in the woods helps me, for sure. Lots of great ideas. #pocolo

    1. Definitely! Getting out into nature is a great way of feeling brighter. x

  7. These are all brilliant ideas - and funnily enough, I'm drinking a fancy coffee as I type this!


    1. Fantastic! Enjoy your coffee Lorna. x

  8. Very nice tips. Thanks for sharing it with is. #pocolo

  9. Blue Monday is no0t something I've heard of before. With no jopb or kids at home I guess things like this don't hit me in the same way #pocolo

    1. I can imagine! I guess it could help anyone who is feeling a little down - even if it's not this time of year. x

  10. The power of a smile is amazing - and wearing colour is always a mood lifter for me too #PoCoLo

    1. Isn't it? You can't help but smile back when someone smiles at you, it's brilliant. xx


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