5 reasons to love school uniform

When my boys first started school and I had to start a new routine of cleaning the school uniform for the coming week I rolled my eyes. When school began I took my first steps on a road that would mean I was constantly cleaning and the work was never ending. But as a mum I've realised that while having the washing machine on all the time sucks there are so many other reasons to love school uniform.

Morning routine is easier

When your kids wear school uniform they can get up in the morning and know what they're going to put on. It makes the morning routine so much easier, you're not having to hurry them along in deciding what to wear, you're not arguing with them about whether their clothes are appropriate. This also means they have more time to eat breakfast, they're not spending all their time deciding what to wear and hurrying out the door without having breakfast. 

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast. 

John Gunther

Helps prevent bullying

Being the mum to someone who has been bullied I'm for anything that reduces the risks. School uniform certainly won't remove the risks entirely but they do help. It stops the peer pressure to have the latest 'trendy' clothes, it stops the parents feeling the pressure to spend hundreds of pounds on the latest pair of trainers, and it's one less thing the kids can be taunted for. Particularly in High School there is such a range of students - some with rich parents, others with parents who need benefits to get by - and wearing school uniform removes the chance of being bullied for wearing the wrong shirt or jumper. 

5 Reasons To Love School Uniform | Reduce bullying by wearing school uniform - anything that will reduce the bullying right?

Reduces distractions

Along the same lines as the reducing bullying wearing school uniform helps reduce distractions in lessons. Instead of talking about the new jumper their friend is wearing the kids concentrate on their work, they're focussed on the important things. Everyone is wearing the same, no one stands out because of what they are or are not wearing. 

When you put on a uniform, there are certain inhibitions that you accept. 

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Easy to spot intruders

News reports of shootings in the USA, terrorist attacks in capital cities across the country, it's enough to send a parent crazy. Every time I see there's been another school shooting in America I shudder and thank goodness we don't have things like that in this country. We do have terrorist attacks though, and being able to spot someone who doesn't belong is half the battle won. With all students wearing the same school uniform it is easier to spot someone who is out of place - meaning reactions can be faster if something did happen.

5 Reasons To Love School Uniform | Spotting intruders in a crowd of school children wearing uniform is much easier.


When I was in school it was so not cool to wear hand-me-downs but it is a great way to save money and to be honest it's just common sense. When BP started High School I had to buy him a blazer, it was small and he has long since outgrown it - and it cost a fair bit. The great thing though is that I can put it to one side for a while until LP is ready to start that school. It may not work for all clothing but if it can be saved, I do - it's much better doing that than having to buy it all again!

Name your kids' uniform

There aren't many things that annoy me about school uniform, apart from washing of course. However when it comes to naming the uniform I roll my eyes and sigh. I've never been able to find something that works well enough - laundry pens wash off or seep into the clothing, and regular pens are just no use, it's a challenge. That is until now. I've come across Stikets, and they have name labels that you can have printed (and are customisable) and the labels can go on almost anything. From iron-on clothes labels to stick-on labels for school objects (think school bag, lunch bag, etc). This is a game-changer.

5 Reasons To Love School Uniform | Clothes labels, object labels, and even shoe labels!
This is the pack - as you can see one of the luggage tags is not there (it's on LP's coat). And the blue boxes are covering LP's name but this is what the labels look like and your child's name would be under the blue box.

For LP I ordered a basic pack, available for £19.95, which includes a selection of sizes of personalised name labels as well as iron-on labels, and even luggage tags. Recently LP's coat zip broke, the little pully thing on the zip snapped and he's been struggling with it. When I saw the luggage tags, with LP's name on them, I realised they'd be the perfect solution to the zip problem and since I attached the tag to his coat he is able to zip up properly again. And it's a good job too - given the recent weather.

What I love about Stikets though is that I can type in LP's name, choose a logo (I chose a 😎), and choose what background - there are so many to choose from. I've added labels to every piece of school uniform LP owns, including his school bag and lunch box!

5 Reasons To Love School Uniform | Here's 5 reasons to love school uniforms, and a solution for one of the reasons we hate it!

So there you have it, even with one of the worst things about school uniform there's an easy solution. 

Do you love or hate school uniform?

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