Post Comment Love 21st - 23rd September

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love with Stephanie and me. We look forward to reading your posts every week and I can't wait to see what you've got for us this week. 

I'm happy to report that things have settled down for me. I can breathe a bit better after getting lots of work done, I'm a little more organised with the boys' school things, and the Hubby's stuff has settled into a nice routine too. It's taken about 3 weeks for things to settle but I'm glad it's happened.

I had a bit of an epic week last week, after getting invited backstage for Cirque Du Soleil OVO in the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham. It was, by far, the most exciting thing I've done for the blog and I can't believe I got to talk to the performers, to see all the props, even seeing how they pop up from the underneath the stage. I learned a lot and I would jump at the chance to do something like that again. 

I also got to work with Intel (!) on one of their campaigns - one which the boys were very pleased I got to do. They got to try out a laptop for playing games which meant I was very popular. We had lots of fun doing the video and the boys realised that my work isn't just "messing on the computer" anymore. Always a good thing. 

Another post from this week (there have been lots!) and one I was pleased to do was Postnatal Depression - Laura shares her story, this is the post I'm linking up this week. Laura, better known as The Butterfly Mother, agreed to share her story with me and I was so glad she did. I hope the post helps other mothers realise there is help out there.

After such a busy week I can't decide if I'd like it to stay settled or get busy again. Being busy has it's advantages but I do like the lulls when things calm down. 

Well that's it from me this week. How has your week been?

Do you like things to be busy or slow?

Blogger Showcase Caroline from Caroo Makeup

Who are you? 

My name is Caroline Agoba, and I am a 19 year old beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I am currently studying Mental Health Nursing in Limerick, Ireland. I love writing and sharing my reiews and opinion.

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I discovered blogging through Pinterest, when I was looking up pastimes for the summer before I was going into college. Blogging seemed like something I would love because I love writing and photography.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a pastime, and it still is a pastime for me. I loved reading blogs so I thought it was time to start my own and if I didn't like it then I could stop, but I love it so I continued.

What do you find most challenging?

I find taking picture for my blog the most challenging. I see myself as a perfectionist so it could take hours for me to find a picture I really love. 

What is your favourite topic to write about?

I love writing about my favourites or hauls. People seem to love those too.

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I'm blogging for fun and I also have goals for my blog. I would like for it to grow more. 

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

My favourite thing about blogging is when I have finished writing a post and press 'publish'. I don't know what it is but it's so satisfying and rewarding to know I have completed a post and I'm happy with it.

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

I have never attended a blogging conference but I would love to!

What are your 3 best posts?

Describe yourself in three words!

Ambitious, bubbly, and quirky!

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Coffee and cake definitely! 

What's your idea of a perfect night out?

A perfect night out is a dinner, and then maybe go to a bar for some drinks and go home to watch a nice movie.

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

They would say I am a selfless person.

Connect with Caroline:

Thanks so much for answering our questions Caroline, I think when you catch the blogging bug it's hard to stop isn't it? Feel free to grab our 'featured' badge and display it ever-so-proudly on your blog. 

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