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Well after the craziness of half term and trying to blog while the boys were at home I think I can safely say I much prefer working when they're at school! 😂 It was tough and I didn't get anywhere near as much done as I wanted to. But they're back at school this week which means I've been back to getting lots done. If you've noticed me being a bit more quiet on the social media front it's because I've been drafting posts as fast as my fingers will fly over the keyboard ready for our holiday in summer. My plan is to keep the posts coming and so far it's going okay, I have a few weeks yet and so far so good. I've got some great topics coming up for you guys!

Anyway, update time. 😀 Like I said, I've been spending the week typing but that's not all I've done. At home I've been trying out some new recipes (ones I found on the Tasty website) and while I probably won't do the salads I've been having for lunch again they have definitely helped me realise a salad doesn't have to be just iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumber! I've had fun trying out the new recipes and adding fruit to the salad was an interesting thing, and something I actually enjoyed. There were also some salad dressings that I'll be making and keeping in the fridge for when I need them. So it's all good there, and I'm looking forward to creating my own salads for lunch.

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As for dinner, again I've been trying out new recipes and again so far so good. Every single one I've tried has been a hit and to be honest I'm quite enjoying all the cooking, even if it does mean more work. The clean up sucks but making a meal from scratch that everyone enjoys makes me feel so good! 🎉

The Hubby and LP are planning another bike ride from Stoke-on-Trent again this week. LP is very excited after the success of last time and he's especially looking forward to having lunch at the pub. Hubby has been saying how LP is improving his bike riding skills all the time, getting faster and his ability to keep going is improving too. It's so great to see them enjoying themselves together.

BP is improving some of his skills this week too. Last weekend Hubby and I went to a car boot sale (our first in decades! 😂) for a walk and found a book we thought BP would like. It was a "learn how to draw anime characters" and it's definitely something that he's into. As soon as we saw the book we knew he'd like it and already he's managed to draw a couple of characters, one of himself and one of his favourite character from Overwatch (an Xbox game 🙄). I have to say though, his drawings were brilliant and I hope he continues progressing his skills.

So that's all from us this week - what've you been up to?

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