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What a week! It's been a little bit crazy here and we've got no one to blame but ourselves.

Last Saturday we celebrated our 11th anniversary, we decided to take Friday off work and go out for a walk. It was lovely just walking around without the kids and chatting without being interrupted - a much needed day with my wonderful Hubby.

On Saturday we went out for another walk and got LP ready for his Karate grading and chilled out in the evening. It was Sunday that we kind of went a bit wrong. You know how you end up with jobs on a list where you think "I'll do that at some point..." and then the point never happens? We've got a huge list of jobs like that that we've been leaving. On Sunday we realised that there are so many of these jobs that we needed to actually do some of them. Like the gardening.

We've been doing little bits in the garden every now and again but with the weather recently everything seems to be growing fast. Including the moss and weeds that have been peeking through the block paving on our drive. We got BP pulling up some of the weeds and he spent a good amount of time doing it, until the Hubby got the jet wash out and decided to check if that would be better. It did do better - so much so that Hubby decided we needed to do the entire drive, meaning we needed to clean all of it and buy sand to put back into the gaps once we'd finished. It's Friday and we're still on the jet wash stage of the job. It's taken Hubby and me all week to clean the drive (it's a big drive) doing shifts of an hour here and there during the day. It's been quite a job. I know it will look great when it's finished but actually doing the work is a killer. Every day I've got into bed with my entire body aching. On the plus side at least it's doing me good!

What with cleaning the drive and a few other things this week it's felt very busy. But I guess that's it, sometimes things just get busy don't they? I'm hoping next week is a little slower!

What have you been up to this week?

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