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A man gets on his yellow bike.

Well the weather has taken another turn hasn't it? The sun was lovely last weekend, we walked into Nottingham on Saturday and the Hubby and I went for a lovely walk on Sunday while LP was at Karate. But now, despite the sun being out it is cold again. I cannot wait for the summer, to have a few days when we don't need to go out with jackets and umbrellas.

I'm glad to be back into a good routine again, the house is tidy (for the most part) and I'm losing weight. Eating healthy, walking LP to school most days, and not having too many goodies is helping and I'm pleased.

The Hubby is hoping to have his bike back today after it broke last week, LP cannot wait to go out on a bike ride - he's been asking about the bike every day! He's really been missing going out on his bike - so much so that we took him to Wollaton Park last weekend so he could ride around while we walked. He loved it, and has even asked if we could do it again and I'm sure we will.

I've been spending a lot of time sketching and painting on the iPad, drawing is how I relax and I'm really enjoying it. I've got quite a few pictures now, mostly outlines but I'm getting there and I'm starting to see that if there's anything I need (like icons) I can just draw them instead of searching for them online. I'm not sure what, if anything, I'll do with it but it's something I can keep in mind. I'm even thinking of creating some strong female characters - firefighters, police, doctors - all for children to colour in. It's been a long time since my boys asked for a colouring book but the last time I did they were all cute teddies and girls playing with dolls. I think it would be good for girls (and boys!) to see women portrayed in those jobs. What do you think?

Currently I have this one - and it's not quite the strong female character I'm looking for. Although I would like to enjoy a cuppa like this lady...

Well, that's all for this week - what have you been up to?

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