Health and weight loss update - month 5

I haven't done one of these updates for a few months, with Christmas and getting back to routine it's taken a while to be able to think about it. I am back to it now though and I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on - things aren't looking good.

Last update

Weight: 13st 1.4lbs
Fitness: 10 minutes running within 30 minutes on the treadmill.

The last time I wrote an update was November, it was the run up to Christmas and I was getting prepared for gaining weight - not that I wanted to. The inevitable did happen and I gained over Christmas, but it wasn't as much as I thought it would be so it's not too bad. I stopped doing exercise over the Christmas break and I ate more food so it was bound to happen, the problem is how long it has taken me to get back to where I was.

Health is the thing that makes you feel that now is the best time of the year. 

Franklin Pierce Adams


Weight: 12 12.8lbs
Fitness: Not good.

During the last month or so the Hubby and I thought we'd found the perfect lunch solution. We found some great noodle pots at the supermarket and not only were they tasty but they claimed to be low calorie too. They took just 2 1/2 minutes to cook in the microwave and Hubby was losing weight. Perfect right?

Except I wasn't losing weight. Not at all. In fact I was gaining more than losing. I was doing all the right things too; less goodies, exercise, less food. I just couldn't understand why I wasn't losing weight. And then I thought about what changes we'd made to our diet recently and came to the conclusion that it must be the noodle pots. 


At the moment we're not having the noodle pots, it's the only solution I could think of. We're going to try out having the lunches we used to have, things like jacket potato with ham. All I can do is see if it makes a difference, if it doesn't I have no idea what I'll do. 

Me, messing around with Facebook photo things while chilling after exercise!

Fitness issues

For the last few weeks I've been unable to exercise. It sucks! A while back I was on the treadmill and felt a kind of pulling in my left foot arch. It was painful when I was walking but I didn't feel it when I was running, so I ran. Probably not the best decision on my part. Anyway, the Hubby and I tried to go for a walk one weekend and I got around the corner (my foot hurting the whole time) and had to go back, I couldn't walk without my foot hurting. 

Time and health are two precious assets that we don't recognise and appreciate until they have been depleted. 

Denis Waitley

After describing the issues to the Hubby he said it sounded like plantar fasciitis - something he suffered with over the last year or so. He told me that I should rest before it got any worse so that's what I've been doing. No exercise. And I hate it.

How will I know when I can exercise again? I'm going by how I feel on the morning school run. If my foot hurts when I'm taking LP to school then I still can't exercise, if it doesn't I can start out slow. Only time will tell.

How did you do with your weight loss over the holidays?

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