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Welcome back to another Post Comment Love - link up your best or favourite post of the week and Stephanie and I will stop by and read, comment and share. It's a great way to get your blog out there and hopefully bring in more readers.

This week has been quieter, which is nice. I'm still waiting for the results of my recent smear test which is a little worrying if I'm honest. It's just too reminiscent of what happened before and getting the horrible letter 3 weeks to-the-day after the smear test. This time 3 weeks will be Tuesday, and if I haven't heard anything by then I'll be calling the hospital to find out what's going on. It's no fun having the uncertainty. I know they say everything should be fine but that doesn't stop me worrying. Most of the time I put it out of my mind because I'd go crazy otherwise but sometimes it'll pop in there and cause worry.

Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing. 

Eric Davis

But anyway, let's not dwell on that before I have any results hey? Yesterday I hurt my hand. I have no idea how but I woke up on Thursday morning with this almighty pain in my hand, it's like I've pulled a muscle or something. I can't put any pressure on it at all, things like opening doors or picking up a cup of tea send shooting pains through my hand and sometimes even up my arm. Even typing (I touch-type) is making my hand ache and I'm making more mistakes than usual. The biggest problem is it's my right hand - I use it for EVERYTHING! I've a feeling I'm going to have to take a break from typing, I'm just lucky it's the weekend!

Well it's February and that means it's Valentine's Day soon - are you ready? I've had a couple of review posts this past week and I've got some great posts coming up over the next couple of weeks to help you get prepared for the day (if you celebrate of course!). There's a meal for 2 coming up on Monday and a gift guide on Wednesday, and more the following week. 

Have you thought about Valentine's Day yet, or do you leave it to the last minute?

Blogger Showcase Sophie from Sophie Roxanne

Who are you? 

Hello everyone, Sophie here, welcome to my mind. I must warn you, once you’re in there’s no escape. All my weird and wonderful quirks and curiosities are contagious. I am from the beautiful North Wales, the best place in the world, but I am biased. There’s nothing I love more than a run in the great outdoors, then a session with a hearty brew and a decent book. 

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I discovered blogging or rather set up my blog in my second year of uni! (Graduated with 1st class honours, just putting that out there) I’ve always loved writing, and what better place to keep it all eh? I studied journalism and I’m embarking on a journey into the world of Masters Degree this year! 

What is your favourite topic to write about?

I write about how I feel mostly, a lot of the time that manifests itself through poetry and rhyme. I love writing about my fitness journey, but on the other side of that I’m also a bit of a foodie, and by bit I mean HUGE! I want to write more about food, and share some of my favourite recipes. #LifeGoals 

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

At first it was all about the fun, but it would be nice to make something of it, but what will be will be! Knowing there are people reading my stuff makes me feel awesome! 

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

FREEDOOOOOOOM! To write about anything I want. 

What are your 3 best posts?

Oooooooh now this is a hard one. If I had to choose three, they would be…

Describe yourself in three words!

Head-case, crazy, loving 

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

TEA! TEA! TEA! And a chocolate digestive. Oooooh.

What's your idea of a perfect night out?

To be honest, I don’t really go out. But the dream night out would be, long red dress, Jazz club with live music, sophisticated meal, ending the night with a cuppa tea and my Star Wars pyjamas. 

Your perfect night in?

The perfect night in! Vegetable pizza (no pineapple), unlimited tea, a good book, comfy jammies, just me and my home comforts. 

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

Well, now this is a question. My Mum would say it’s my confidence to get out there and sing in front of thousands of people. My other half would say it’s my ability to make people laugh with absolutely no effort! I love singing, my YouTube channel is BOOMING! And I absolutely love making people laugh. If you are laughing in my presence, I have done my job right. 

Connect with Sophie:

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Sophie, a chocolate digestive sounds so good right now (I'm on diet!), feel free to grab our 'featured' badge and display it ever-so-proudly on your blog. 

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