The perfect Valentine's Day

I'm sure I've said this before but the Hubby and I don't really do much for Valentine's Day, after years of buying gifts for this one day (and given both are birthdays are around this time too) we're out of ideas. Of course that doesn't stop me dreaming, imagining that if we had an infinite supply of money what we could do for this day that celebrates couples. Seeing as Valentine's Day is just around the corner I decided to put together a few ideas that would make up my perfect Valentine's Day.

To begin

The whole day is ours, the boys have been sent off to my sisters for the night (where they'll be spoiled with a late night and lots and lots of sweets) and we have the whole day to ourselves. No refereeing, no yelling, no computer games - just us.

The car

We would have an outing planned, and seeing as this is my perfect Valentine's Day the outing would be to Restaurant Gordon Ramsey in Chelsea. It is an amazing restaurant and the Hubby and I haven't been there for a long time. The food is amazing, the waiters are courteous, and you don't feel out of place - ever. But here's where things go from reality to dreamland because I'd like our trip from Nottingham to London to be in an Aston Martin DB11, like the one you can find on the Yes Lease website. 

The cars we drive say a lot about us. 

Alexandra Paul

I have loved the Aston Martin DB9 for years, ever since I watched Casino Royale, and when I found out there was the DB11 and I saw it - well my love transferred to that. If the Hubby showed up at home in an Aston Martin DB11 and told me we were driving to London in it I think I would jump for joy!

The clothes

While Restaurant Gordon Ramsey is a fancy place they aren't overly focussed on what you wear so it's okay to wear something that is nice but comfortable. I would opt for one of my favourite dresses, perhaps my Lady Vintage dress that I bought last summer, and I'd pair it with a great pair of shoes. I'd love to see the Hubby dressed in a lovely pair of black jeans with a smart yet casual black or burgundy polo shirt. Terraces, a premium clothing boutique, has some nice polo shirts and they're not even that expensive, especially considering the names; Lacoste, Paul Smith, etc. I particularly like the Paul Smith Zebra Logo Polo Shirt, I think it would really suit the Hubby!

Me, in my Lady Vintage dress.

Dressed and ready to go we'd get in the car and make our way to the restaurant.

The meal

The meal would include all my favourites; foie gras for starter (it's been years since I had this), steak cooked to perfection, and creme brûlée for dessert. There'd obviously be some wonderful cocktails or a good bourbon to enjoy with the meal and I'd be able to drink as much as I like because I'm not driving!

Mmm, steak cooked to perfection.

The Hubby and I would sit and eat while chatting and laughing together as we enjoy the time alone. It's those times, when we can sit in a restaurant together and talk about anything, that I cherish most. Yes, we spend a lot of time at home together and we can talk whenever we like but for some reason when you can escape the kids and enjoy a fancy meal while chatting it is just so special. You can  connect in a way you can't when the kids are there. You can share a special meal and be a couple, not just parents.

The drive back home

Despite it taking hours to drive home after visiting Restaurant Gordon Ramsey it would be a lovely drive, especially given I'd be back in that Aston Martin DB11. We'd chat some more, maybe listen to a little music, and laugh a lot.

The time would fly and before we knew it we'd be back home.

Back at home

Once we got home we would head into our projector room, the room we spend most of our time. We have a huge screen and a projector and we watch our favourite movies in this room. That's not the best part of this room though, the best part is our recliners. We've had electric recliners for years, since before BP was born (13 years ago) and they still work! I know that sooner or later we'll have to replace them and I think I know just the place to get the replacements from - Dandelion Interiors. They've got some great recliners, like the Brevik Okin Motor Rise and Lift Recliner, and I'm sure they'd make a good replacement for our current ones.

So, after heading into our projector room we'd watch one of our favourite movies (Casino Royale, Gravity, Moulin Rouge) while drinking a bourbon and coke. The Hubby would get to enjoy his alcohol because there'd be no more driving and we would cuddle up together and enjoy our favourite movie. 

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. 

Audrey Hepburn

And that's it, the following day we'd pick the boys up again and normality would resume. Making my perfect Valentine's Day would take a lot of planning and co-ordination so I'm not sure it'll ever happen but I can dream can't I?

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