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Things have been busy and annoying here this week. Last week we had a new heating system installed and last Thursday we were left with no heating overnight - I was not happy. On Friday we had people here again and they spent the entire day working on getting the heating working - we were freezing. Luckily they managed to get the heating on and working so weren't left with no heating for the weekend but it took until lunch time on Saturday to get the house warm. 

Despite not being finished though the installers didn't show up on Monday, we were expecting them but no one showed up. It's always good when that happens isn't it? I spent the day trying to get through to them on the phone but didn't get to talk to anyone. So as you can imagine by Tuesday I was quite annoyed. When I finally got through I was told someone would be coming to our house, and they did. They came on Tuesday, they did a few things, but they are still not finished and we haven't heard from or seen them since. We're still missing a radiator in our downstairs bathroom and there's a few bits they need to tidy up. All in all it's been quite an annoying time. Why is it you only ever have heating issues when you need it most?

I'm just hoping everything gets sorted before Christmas because I've got lots of planning to do before then. I ordered my Turkey last week and I've got to make my list of other things so I can add it to the order. More planning. I've also got to try out a recipe for my dessert, I always practise beforehand, which means more time to go shopping and plan what I'm doing. This is one of the main things I hate about this time of year, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day for everything. And when you have other stuff going on too that takes more time. I only hope I can get things sorted by Christmas Day because if I can't we'll be having Turkey sandwiches for lunch!

Are you planning for Christmas Day yet?

Blogger Showcase Tione from Beauty That Walks

Who are you?

My name is Tione. I am a full-time college student that enjoys blogging about beauty, lifestyle and other relating topics.

How did you discover blogs/blogging?

I started blogging back in 2011. At first it started out as a school project and grew into a hobby. 

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging as a hobby. I just needed somewhere that I could develop my thoughts and ideas.

What do you find most challenging?

The most challenging part of blogging is driving traffic to the website. 

What is your favourite topic to write about?

My favorite topics includes makeup and natural hair.

Are you blogging for fun or do you have goals?

I blog for fun but I would like to reach a goal of at least 10k monthly views.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

Reaching out to people. Writing and updating my blog with contents.

Have you ever attended a blogging conference and if so, what did you think?

I have never attended a blogging conference but hope to do so someday.

What are your 3 best posts?

Describe yourself in three words!

Beauty Queen, Fashionista, Book Worm

Are you a tea and biscuits or coffee and cake person?

Wow! I am both actually...

What's your idea of a perfect night out?

Movies, Club and Dinner

Your perfect night in?

Relaxing on the sofa and/or playing games and chatting with the family or perhaps movie nite.

What would your best friend/OH/mum or kids say is your best quality?

I have no idea.... 

Connect with Tione:


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions Tione, feel free to grab our 'featured' badge and display ever so proudly on your blog.

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