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This week has been one of the very few weeks during the year where I get to work on the blog continuously every day without interruption. The only interruption I've had this week was having the shopping delivered on Monday, other than that it's been great and I've got lots done. It makes a change and I wish all weeks were like this, unfortunately that rarely happens - there's always something going on.

BP is back home from his trip (yay!) and spending a lot of his time being a teenager, lots of strops, lots of shouting, lots of sulking. When I asked him about his trip he said it was good, they spent a lot of time in cemeteries and walking around, some of it was boring apparently. I know he's growing up and wants to be his own person but I do wish he would talk to me more.

  • Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time. 

Rabindranath Tagore

LP on the other hand is full of energy every day, he wakes at about 6:30am and goes to bed at 8pm and every hour between is spent doing some sort of activity. I think I've mentioned that he goes on bike rides with the Hubby every day now too. They both love it and it's helping the Hubby lose weight. LP is the sunshine in the house most days, apart from when he's having a tween strop, and I'm not looking forward to him entering the same stage BP is at now.

It's all a part of parenting isn't it? The different stages are a chance to learn more about ourselves and more about our children. They do have to grow up, they do have to become their own person, it's just hard for us to watch. It's now that I appreciate what my parents went through.

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So how has your week been? Was it a quiet one where you got lots done or has it been busy? Let me know.

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