What would your perfect week look like?

Every week there's another "national" something week and there's always something to celebrate. This time of year, when we're preparing for Halloween, Christmas is on our minds and we're trying to get ready for the coming winter we tend to forget about ourselves. We're so busy making sure everyone else is sorted that we often end up ill as a result. This made me wonder about a National Parents' Week - is there one, and if not why not?

It turns out there isn't but if there was a National Parents' Week it would be a great time to think about what your perfect week would look like. As I've been feeling a little busy of late I decided to have a think about what my perfect week would look like.

So, Monday morning rolls around and my alarm goes off at 6am - same as usual. I get up and do my exercise - same as usual. The differences come when I come back in the house after finishing my exercise LP is not only up and dressed but he’s also got his brother up and BP has sorted their breakfast. This means there’s no nagging about getting up, no having to do their breakfast. As I look around my kitchen I notice a steaming hot slice of toast, freshly buttered, waiting for me on the counter top and sitting next to it a freshly made cup of coffee. I walk into the lounge and enjoy my breakfast in peace without having to shout at the boys for fighting and I get to listen to the morning news without interruption.

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions. 

Hugh Jackman

Hubby takes care of school drop off which allows me to get straight on with blogging at 8:30am. Blogging in peace during the day might not seem like a “perfect week” thing to some but it is something I love doing. I do already get to do this most days (when the internet is working) and am thankful that I do so I guess this would just stay the same.

It’s when school pick up rolls around that I’d like some changes. Not only do I not have to do it but I also don’t have to spend ages in the kitchen sorting out dinner (because it’s already been sorted). I can continue working on the blog to my heart’s content until I decide to pack in and relax watching a movie with the Hubby with a bourbon and coke in my hand.

And that’s just Monday. If I’m honest if all the weekdays looked like this I’d be a happy lady. Being able to work on something I love while my children don’t bicker or fight and dinner is taken care of every day - that’s my idea of heaven.

As for Saturday I’m thinking a family day out to a theme park (probably Alton Towers), lunch in a lovely restaurant, and again no bickering. If we could have a whole day when we enjoyed each other’s company and there were no arguments that would be great.

Sunday? Well that’s reserved for family too. But my perfect Sunday would involve seeing my parents and having my mum’s Sunday lunch (I love her Sunday lunches). The boys spending time with their grandparents while I talk to them and drink tea.

It might not sound like much but that really would be my perfect week. Perhaps I’d take a day to go to the spa but really if everything is good at home then there’s no need for the spa right? I might add a couple of trips to the coffee shop during the day one day and maybe even a chat with a friend but to be honest I’m at my happiest sitting in front of the computer, listening to my favourite music, with a hot cup of coffee to drink.

If you do what you love, it is the best way to relax. 

Christian Louboutin

National Parents’ Week would be all about celebrating parents and, well, I have parents too. I'd send some love their way for being such awesome parents. I know I wasn’t the best teenager to cope with but it’s thanks to them that I turned out the way I did. 

So tell me, if you could have your perfect week what would that look like? Would you have a week of blogging like me? Would you want a week with no kids? Or would you choose to go to the spa?

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Oh, and don’t forget to drop National Parents’ Week into the conversation with your children - I wonder what they would think of the idea.

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