What I’m expecting from Britmums Live 2017

Last year was my first BML (Britmums Live) and if I’m honest it was very daunting. Not only was I late to the place (train delays) but walking into a room of about 300 people when I was alone was terrifying. 

This year though I plan on it being much better.

Despite the fact that I’ve had no internet all week (!) I’ve been planning what I’ll do at #BML17. First of all I’m meeting Clare at the train station for a coffee. It’ll be a chance to say hello and get to know one another before setting off to the hotel. I’m staying at a Premier Inn Hub no far from the venue so after the coffee I’ll walk to the hotel (bonus exercise!), check in and find somewhere to have dinner before meeting up with people in the evening. After that I’ll spend the evening panicking I would’ve thought - panicking about walking into the place alone. 

The day is usually so crazily busy that I forget to talk to people I wanted to meet or to speak to any of the brands. Last year I spent so much time at the sessions that I didn’t do much socialising. This year, because I can’t go to the awards on the boat (boo!), I’m going to do all my socialising during the day. I’m keeping my eyes out for Renee, Michelle, Aby, and Jade, as well as many others. Do expect me to fling my business cards your way too - I’m going to be making notes on any I receive so that I can connect with people afterwards. 

What I’m wearing

I hadn’t really thought about it but to be honest I’d rather be comfortable than try to be glamorous. So I’ll opt for jeans (obvs!), boots, and a new top I purchased from Tesco a few days ago. I may throw a cardigan in my bag in case it gets chilly but I don’t expect to use it much. 

I’ll either have my hair curly or wavy - I haven’t decided yet but again it’ll be the simplest choice. 

At the conference

I'm still expecting to be nervous but I'm going to fake it - no one will notice right? Lots of smiles, lots of "hello!", and hopefully lots of new connections. At the moment I'm most looking forward to the free wifi - my internet is still not on!

Learning, making connections, and making friends is what Britmums Live is all about this year. If you spot me do come and say hello, I'll be so glad you did!

Are you attending Britmums Live 2017?