How much do you rely on the internet?


You get up in the morning all set for getting on with more blogging and getting posts scheduled, you sit down at the computer and find out the internet is off. Your husband checks if anything is wrong and finds out a reboot hasn't sorted the problem. Annoying right? But you never expect the internet to be off for more than 5 days do you?

This is just what happened to me last week but the story is slightly different in that the internet went off at 3am instead. So by the time I got up I already knew I wouldn't be getting work done so I decided to have a bonus day off while the kids were at school thinking I'd get work done the next day. Unfortunately it has now been 7 days with no internet and I feel like I want to pull my hair out.

In those 7 days I've used nearly 2GB of data on my phone and we're no closer to having our internet fixed. It is not good!

This last week has been annoying but also it's an eye-opener. Think about it...

  • No internet for the computer.
  • No Netflix.
  • No Amazon Fire TV.
  • No updates for phones.
  • No online game playing.

No internet for 30 minutes is no problem right?
You pick up your iPad or other tablet and play games or you do other stuff for a while.

How about 3 hours? 
Well maybe you get housework done or think “bonus time off!”

And 3 days? 
Could you fill your time with non-internet things for 3 whole days?

After 7 days of no internet I feel lost and my phone is up to its limit on data. I’m going to Britmums on Friday and I can’t even talk to anyone on Twitter or Facebook about it. It’s like I’m living in a wifi black zone.

At first it was funny, the Hubby and I had a day off work and figured we’d catch up “tomorrow”. Only tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet and now we’re 6 days behind and still unable to do anything about it. It’s SO frustrating. BT don’t help - apparently it’s not them that is the problem but their supplier. I really don’t know how that becomes our problem but it is. No one can work out what the problem is which means that we still have no internet with no apparent fix in the future.

It’s funny the things you miss when you have no internet. Like listening to my podcasts in a morning while I do my exercise. I had been listening to Michelle Reeves Sparkle on Mama podcast, Trish Blackwell’s podcasts, and of course Tim’s Meet the Parents podcast. It’s been great and has really helped pass the time when I’m on the treadmill. But with no internet that’s not possible. So I have to resort to music on my phone, which isn’t much because I don’t tend to download music onto my phone.

The other thing we’ve missed most is streaming TV. We’ve been watching Dexter and Glee on Netflix lately but with no internet we couldn’t. We’re lucky because we have Dexter on DVD (I know - going old school!) so we can still watch that but we only have Glee on our Amazon Fire TV so that’s a no-go until we have internet.

The boys have hated it too. The games they play after school are online games, like Overwatch, and they tend to play with school friends. Obviously this hasn’t happened in a while and I think they’re starting to get withdrawal symptoms! It is unbelievably difficult to entertain children when you don’t have internet.

On the plus side I have been for more walks, because, well, what else am I going to do with my time?

I have managed to get a lot of washing done and I even did some ironing the other day - by choice! You know it’s bad when you choose to do the ironing!

So, yes. No internet - it’s no fun!

How would you cope if you had no internet for a week?