7 ways to spend your time as a stay-at-home mum

As a stay-at-home mum to school aged children (or older) once the packed lunches are made and the school run is done the day is pretty much your own. There’s always going to be chores to do, errands to run, and general household things to get done, but essentially your time is your own. But after years of taking care of your kids and making sure the house runs smoothly you’ve probably lost any idea of the things you enjoy doing. Not only that but when the kids are at school you suddenly find yourself with lots of time, and no idea what to do! Not to worry, here’s 7 ways you could spend your time as a stay-at-home mum.

1. Spend your time having Coffee with friends 

Mum friends you met in the school playground, working mums with a morning off work, even other stay-at-home mums in the same situation as you. Arrange a meet up at the local coffee shop, or invite them to your home and have a good old gossip. It's a great way to spend an hour or two.

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay-at-Home Mum | Invite friends over for a gossip!
A good old gossip will do you good!

I recently met up with one of my mum friends and we chatted for more than an hour while enjoying a lovely Latte. It was great to be able to talk without being interrupted by bickering siblings, which so often happens when you arrange a play date! 

Meeting up with friends is a great way for you to relax and chat without the burdens of motherhood. You get to connect with another adult, as well as smiling and laughing. And that can do wonders for you - and your family. 

2. Spend your stay-at-home mum time trying out different Hobbies 

Do you have a hobby that you’ve let fall by the wayside when you had children? Is there something you used to love but haven’t had the time to do since you became a mum? Perhaps it’s time you got back to it? 

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay-at-Home Mum | Find a hobby you love - you may even be able to expand it to a career.
 I love drawing, it relaxes me and makes me smile.

Or maybe you could try something you’ve always wondered about. Look into a hobby that excites you, or makes you smile. You may not like it, but what if you do? What if you found out you loved it? 

I’ve tried cross-stitch, sketching, jigsaws, and so many other things I’m currently loving sketching, it let’s me relax while making progress with something and I can always see the progress I’m making - which is great.

There are so many possibilities out there - gardening, crafts, baking, programming even! Why not give something new a go. 

And if you're struggling to think of something check out my list of hobbies

3. Spend your time Reading 

I love reading but usually the only chance I get is when I’m in bed. I spend 30 minutes or so reading before going to sleep. Not only is it great to delve into a fictional world, but it helps me relax and forget about the day-to-day stuff. 

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay-at-Home Mum | Read a good book!
Reading whisks me off to far off lands to watch the struggles of someone else for a change!

Whether it’s newspapers, books, your kindle, or blogs (😉) reading is a chance to relax, to let go of the day-to-day stresses of being mum. If you’d like a recommendation you should check out Me Before You, After You, and Still Me, by Jojo Moyes - they’re brilliant books that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me. 

C.S. Lewis 

4. Spend your time trying out a new exercise class or Fitness routine 

If you’re into exercise (*shudder*) it can be a great way to spend time and get those endorphins racing around your body. Running, heading to the gym, or trying out an exercise class may help shift some pounds or keep you fit enough to run around the garden after your kids when they get home from school. But it’s not all about that - it’s about finding something you enjoy. 

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay-at-Home Mum | Try out a new exercise class to get you going for the day.
Yoga helps to chill me out but also it motivates me to try harder.

I recently started attending a yoga class, and while I’m not very bendy and struggle with some of the poses it is something I love. I take time out every Saturday morning to attend the class and I always leave the class smiling - even if I ache a lot! I feel that by taking time out to exercise like that I am investing in myself, I am helping myself, at the same time as helping my family. Because if I’m happy and healthy then everything else falls into place. 

5. Get out of the house and go Shopping 

Heading to the high street and trawling the shops for the perfect outfit or the best present is so much more pleasant without the kids in tow. When you’re not having to break up fights or make sure they’re not trying to hide under all the clothes you can look around properly and find the dress that would be perfect for the wedding you’ve been invited to. You can laugh at the clothes you hate, you can smirk at the brave choices, but most of all you can meander around the shops and enjoy the time alone. 

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay-at-Home Mum | Go shopping - and not for the kids. Find that beautiful dress you're after.
Shopping can be great when you're not watching the kids.

I love shopping without the boys and a chance to go clothes shopping on my own is heavenly!I have some years when I don’t like the fashion trends, and others when I love them. Either way though, a chance to walk around the shops, to look at favourites or just laugh at the “retro” trends that are coming back, it all serves to keep me happy. 

And a happy mum = happy kids right?

6. Spend your time as a stay-at-home mum planning a trip for your family

School holidays are always just around the corner, whether it’s half term or the summer break, and taking time to plan a day trip, or even a week away, can distract you from the boredom of a quiet home. 

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay At Home Mum | Planning a holiday while the kids are at school - the way to go.
We love planning our trips while the kids are at school.

Plan everything while the kids are at school, hide your planning and surprise them. You could even think of a good way to surprise them - I love the YouTube videos of Disney World trips reveals! 

In the past I’ve planned days out to Escape Rooms, day trips to the zoo and other places, and even a weekend away in Venice, all while the boys were at school. The planning goes so much better when they’re not around to distract your or asking ALL THE QUESTIONS about what you’re doing! 

7. Spend your time as a stay-at-home mum pampering yourself

Visit the salon. 

Get your nails done. 

Have a shower in peace.

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay At Home Mum | Go to the spa for the day and chill out!
Who wouldn't want a massage?

All brilliant ways to spend your time. 

It’s not often you get the chance to pamper yourself so when you do take advantage of it. You’ll feel so much better, you’ll be happier, and as a result your family will be happy too. 

I love my mornings at the salon, I get to chat to my hairdresser (who I’ve been seeing for years) and just sit there while someone makes my hair look wonderful again. It’s the only time (aside from Mother’s Day) when someone does something for me, and I truly enjoy it. 

When was the last time you pampered yourself? 

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. 

Anne Frank 

When your kids are at school it’s easy to think you should spend all your time cleaning the house and washing the clothes. After all you’re a stay-at-home mum right? But having that time for yourself can do you all good. Looking after yourself will mean you have more energy and motivation to look after your loved ones.

7 Ways To Spend Your Time As A Stay At Home Mum | How will you spend your time when the kids are at school?

There’s no need to be bored and sit down in front of the TV - unless that’s what you want to do - spend your time as a stay-at-home mum doing something you love instead! 

How do you spend your time when the kids are at school? 

Grab the list of ways to spend your alone time and choose 3 to do the next time your kids go to school!