Have fun and Make Your Escape!

Over the Easter Holidays we spent days in theme parks, days at home, and days visiting family. It's not very often we find something new to enjoy but this time we did. On the very last day of the holidays we tried out Make Your Escape in Derby.

What is Make Your Escape?

Escape rooms. 

Never heard of it? Let me explain.

You, and your team, are locked in a room and have 60 minutes to solve puzzles in order to escape. You work together to solve the clues, some puzzles are difficult, some are easy. Your aim is to escape the room. 

Sometimes even the best of us have to lose ourselves in fantasy to survive reality.

Maxi Bransdale

How it works

There are two rooms at Make Your Escape; Signal and Spellbound. Spellbound is the more difficult of the two.

When you show up you are taken through a few rules (like not being allowed to take photos) and asked not to tell people about how to solve the puzzles. Obviously the fun is in solving them so to give it away would spoil the whole experience. 

Once you've been through the rules you're shown into the room and when the door closes your timer starts. 

Not good at puzzles?

Not to worry. There's someone on hand to give you clues if they think you need them, but they don't give the answers. It's lots of fun, even if you do end up needing help. 

You can take the kids!

Make Your Escape is recommended for ages 12+ but we took LP (8yrs old) with us and he did well. We all had fun.

I would say any younger than 8 and they may struggle a little. They could help find things but not help much with solving the puzzles. Obviously this is a judgement call on your part.

Our whole life is solving puzzles.

Erno Rubik

What we thought

From the moment the four of us entered the Signal room and began searching for clues it was a winner. LP found somewhere to search, as did BP, and they both contributed. First of all they helped us find things and later helped with solving some of the clues and puzzles. They were inquisitive and enjoyed looking through the room (I think it was the 'being nosy' they enjoyed most!). We used tools and the boys had a great time finding and solving clues.

There is a story behind the Signal room and it unfolds as you solve the puzzles. It was interesting to see it unfold and was satisfying at the end when we escaped with just 5 minutes remaining. 

Talking about it afterwards we decided that we would try out some other Escape Rooms too. We enjoyed Make Your Escape so much I'm sure we'll be back soon (they told us they're building a new room!). Although they say they're recommended for ages 12+ LP did very well helping us and we all contributed. If any one of us hadn't been there, we wouldn't have escaped.

I highly recommend a visit to Make Your Escape in Derby, it's a fun activity and takes a little more than an hour.

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