What we did during the holidays

The boys are back at school and we're getting back to routine, it's always lovely after a hectic break to be back to normal. We had a great time with the boys at home though and on the very last day of the break we did lots of things to fill the day. The holidays are a time to be spent together and we certainly did that during these holidays.

Climbing at the park

We visit family every weekend at the moment which means we're spending a lot of time in the car. The boys end up playing a lot of games and have lots of screen time so during the holidays we decided to change that and take them to a park close to my in-laws.

The boys both decided to try their hand at climbing and LP pushed past his fear of heights and managed to climb to the top of the climbing frame. He was so pleased with himself and couldn't wait to tell his Nanny all about it! 

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.

Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond

Of course LP isn't one to shy away from a challenge so when he saw his older brother climbing a rock he wanted to try too. With a little help from the Hubby he did it, and my heart lived in my throat the whole time he was up there.

The little one wanted to climb too, but his mummy said he was too little so he waved to the boys instead. 

After the climbing we took them for a walk and there were tracks leading down a very steep hill. They pleaded with us to let them take the steep track, I didn't want to at all but in the end we let them. You have to let them explore don't you? We took a longer track down and when we reached the bottom of their track we saw they were still quite high up and struggling a little. We watched as BP helped his little brother by showing him how to move slowly and if he needed to to go on his bottom. They slid down the track a little further until the Hubby went up to show them how to use the trees to help their descent.

The Hubby going up to help...

And coming down.

Even after that LP wasn't done and wanted to climb on everything...

Walking in Dovedale

If we take a different route to the in-laws we drive close to Dovedale and having visited before it was on our list to go again. Not wanting the boys to get bored we decided to take them to Dovedale for a walk and let them run off as much as they wanted.

I like walking in Dovedale, the views are amazing, especially when the sun shines on the hills. The river and the local wildlife makes the walk peaceful (if the boys are far enough away!) and the Hubby and I get to chat while walking which is always nice.

The boys enjoyed going over the stepping stones to cross the river (I always hate that bit), and enjoyed the freedom of running off ahead. We walked up the many steps and when we reached the crest of a hill LP spied a bench and sat down. 

Within a few minutes he was up again and investigating a tree close by. The Hubby then taught him how to climb the tree, moving along its branch. LP needed a little help getting down but once he'd been shown how to do it he was ready to try on his own. He proceeded to climb the tree, inch along the branch and get down all by himself. And again my heart was in my throat until his feet hit the ground. When he'd done it his face was a picture though, and it made me realise I need to let him do these things even though I might hate it.

Alton Towers

A view of the castle you don't often get to see.

On the same day we visited Dovedale we went to Alton Towers to pick up our Merlin Passes. We'd planned to go to Alton Towers in the afternoon as we knew there would be some waiting around for the passes. Usually we would go early in the morning to get around all our favourite rides.

Despite it being the holidays and us being there in the afternoon the boys still managed to get on some rides. BP and the Hubby rode Galactica (used to be Air) and LP, BP, and the Hubby rode Spinball Whizzer (used to be Sonic Spinball). It was LP's first time riding the Spinball Whizzer and he loved it.


I always use the holidays to visit my family, they live more than 90 miles away and the drive alone takes a few hours. I do love visiting my mum and dad though, they welcome us with open arms, the boys are spoiled and I get to eat cake without feeling guilty!

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.

Richard Bach

We spent the day chatting and the boys played in the garden. It was just like any day at home but I was with my parents and that made it so much better.

Alton Towers again

This time we left home early to get to Alton Towers at opening time. The boys got to go on all their favourite rides and the Hubby and I got a lot of walking done. LP rode Thirteen for the first time and loved it and I went on it at the same time (and hated it!) and vowed never to ride again. The weather was beautiful, enough that the boys went on Battle Galleons, got completely soaked but still laughed about it.

We are lucky enough to live close enough to Alton Towers that it's a lovely day out without needing a hotel stay somewhere. There's plenty to do, and although LP is now too big for CBeebies Land there's still plenty for him to do and he loves that he's too big for some rides. I'm sure we'll be visiting a lot more over the summer and cannot wait. 

Board Games

Regular readers will know we love our board games but it got to the second week of holidays and we still hadn't played any. We spent a whole day at home, let the boys play their games and then got out the board games. There was a game of Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride and we even managed Colt Express. 

Spending time at home

Spending time at home during the holidays is just as important as the days out so we made sure to have some days at home. The boys played their games, we watched TV, we were happy at home. LP built some Lego, BP wrote a book review, and we all had easy days.

The last day of the holidays

On the last day of the holidays we went for it...

We'd already booked to see Lord of the Dance in the evening but the Hubby decided he wanted to do more. So we visited an Escape Room in Derby (review coming soon!) and played adventure golf at Paradise Island in Derby Intu. We spent money, had fun, and gave the boys some great stories to tell when they went back to school.

I feel like we made great use of the holidays this time and although I'm wiped out I know the boys had a good break from school and have plenty to tell their friends. You don't need to leave the country, or even your own home, to have a great time during the holidays.

I'd love to hear what you and your family got up to during the holidays.

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