Why I am looking forward to Spring

I used to love Winter, the cool weather, the dark days, as a child I thought it was great. The years went by and each time Winter came around I enjoyed it a little less. Trips on ice, freezing cold weather first thing in the morning, and no sun until around 8am day after day gets old fast. Right now I'm sitting in our lounge and the sun is trying to break through the fog. Seeing the sun poke it's head (or try to) from behind the clouds makes me think of Spring and how much I'm looking forward to it.
orange butterfly on a purple flower surrounded by green leaves

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!"

Robin Williams

When the mornings are getting lighter and the sun makes an appearance more often I feel my stresses easing a little. Doing the school runs every day during winter wearing a huge coat, a hat, scarf, gloves and boots weighs me down and I'm oh-so-ready for spring. I'm ready for the sun, I'm ready to leave the huge coat at home and possibly venture outside with just a jacket!

Refresh your wardrobe

Spring is a time to re-evaluate your wardrobe, to move the big knit jumpers aside and make way for t-shirts, jeans, and maybe even a dress or two. I'm not much of a dress wearer but I do own a couple of dresses I'm looking forward to wearing again. One, from FCUK, is bright yellow and never fails to lift my mood and the other, from Warehouse, is pink and lacy. Both these dresses are a size 12, which I certainly won't fit into for a while but I'm slowly making my way there. The thought of being able to wear those dresses keeps me going when my will is weak.

My waist looks a lot smaller in this photo than it does right now. 
If this dress doesn't motivate me to lose the weight nothing will!

Being a mum of two boys I don't get to wear many girly dresses, they're just not practical when the boys want to walk across muddy fields or go climbing. Yet I do still love dresses. Shirt dresses are awesome, they're a combination of girly and not-so-girly that just works. With short sleeves, long sleeves, or somewhere in between they'll go with pretty much anything and they're just perfect for Spring.

I love this Ralph Lauren shirt dress at the moment, it's a lovely colour and not too short. I love the button up front and the belt and those long sleeves could be rolled up too. This is the perfect dress for spring (I may have to go shopping!).

Beautiful colours

Another thing I love about spring is the flowers. I'm not keen on floral dresses but real, actual flowers in my garden make me smile. When I pull onto the drive and see an array of colours in the border of the garden I'm happy. If it wasn't for BP's and the Hubby's hay fever I'd have them in the house too but I have to make do with fake ones.

It's the colour that makes the difference though, the blues, purples and yellows, bright and beaming into the spring sunshine. I don't think anyone could look at a beautiful garden and not smile. It is such a lovely thing to see after the dreary, bland winter.

Longer days

When the days are longer my boys can play outside in the garden. It gives them a chance to expel some energy and gives me a little more peace. Being cooped up in the house all winter does them no good and I know for sure that LP is looking forward to playing football and badminton in the garden again. No doubt I'll be roped in to playing badminton whenever I'm free!

Me and the Hubby showed LP how to play badminton when we first got the set.

Seeing my boys play in the garden is lovely, LP likes to investigate mud holes or look around the bottom of trees, and BP likes to run around. When they're getting along (doesn't happen often!) they can play so well together and it's another one of those things that makes me smile.

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything.

William Shakespeare

pinnable image with words "Why I am looking forward to spring"

Spring may bring with it more showers but it also brings more sun and I for one cannot wait!