Battling hay fever during summer


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I've never suffered with hay fever much, I get the occasional itchy eyes but it's easy enough to cope with. The Hubby and BP on the other hand suffer terribly. From the moment plants start growing in Spring BP is sneezing, his eyes stream and he's sniffly all the time. 

It is horrible to watch him suffer. I buy the one-a-day tablets for both BP and the Hubby, we get through so many of them and they always cost a fortune, but I have to get them. The tablets help a little, easing the symptoms during the day but as soon as the evening rolls around BP is sneezing and sniffling once more. 

Battling hay fever

HayMax is an organic, drug-free, allergen barrier balm that I was offered to try out. To be honest I was a little sceptical, when even drugs don't work as well as you'd hoped the idea that balm might seems laughable. But because BP suffers so much I told him to give it a try, even if it eased his symptoms a little that would be something. 

The barrier balm comes in a handy little pot that BP can keep in his pocket. He has it with him all the time and can re-apply when needed. The idea behind the barrier balm is that it stops the pollen particles from entering the body before it causes symptoms. You apply it around the nostrils and along the eye bones, re-applying when necessary. 

For a tween/teen I think the balm works well, it's not something I need to worry about him overdosing on and he can re-apply when he thinks he needs it. BP is in control of his own comfort and hopefully will help him realise what helps his hay fever. The other great thing about this little pot is that it will last ages. It's only a balm which means this tiny pot will keep BP going throughout the season.

Bug bites

One thing I do suffer with during the summer is bites. If there are bugs or mites around they will settle on my arms or legs and have a feast. The state of my arm right now is ridiculous, I have 7 bites just on my upper arm!

HayMax offer an insect repellant too. I've never used insect repellants because they always smell bad, are in aerosol form (which I don't like) or simply don't work. It seems too much effort to search around for the perfect one, I just cover up and hope for the best. When HayMax sent me the insect repellant I was a little excited, a summer where I didn't get bitten at all?! I started using it almost straight away and it worked. I spent the whole day in the garden and didn't get bitten once. 

But wait. I just said I got 7 bites didn't I? Yes I did, and do you know why? Because I forgot to put the insect repellant on on the one day I went for a walk in the park. The insects descended and I got bit. My arm is a mess. That'll teach me. 

My conclusion on the insect repellant is it works! 

So far this year HayMax is a hit in our house. 

Do you suffer from hayfever or insect bites? What do you do to protect yourself?

I was sent the products listed free of charge for review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. My son used to suffer from hay fever and you're right, it's horrid to see them suffering. Those bites look nasty Morgan! Sounds as though this is good stuff - I'll try it for our hols.

    1. Thanks Nell. Those bites were awful and have only just cleared up. I do suffer with bites quite bad but the insect repellant is very good, I'd definitely recommend it. :)

  2. I will definitely be checking out the insect repellant, they love biting me too .I suffer from multiple food allergies, a royal pain in the backside !x

    1. Oh dear. Bites really are annoying aren't they? They're just so itchy! I'm quite lucky with the boys as they only suffer with hay fever, no food allergies to speak of. xx

  3. Hubby needs the insect repellent as he always gets bitten! Thanks. I suffer with hayfever quite badly. Last year I had the blue packet of Boots one a day and was fine. This year again (starting in April!!) But after a couple of weeks they started wearing off. It got to tge point where by lunchtime I wanted to pull my eyes out and mid 4pm I couldn't breath properly. I went to Boits and they recommended swapping hayfever tablets as apparently there are different versions! It took 3 days to fully work but I am now symptom free thanks to the green packet if Boots 1 a day. Sorry could have kept that much shorter!! ��

    1. That's okay Laura. I never thought of swapping tablets, I'll have to try that and see if it helps BP. Hope your hay fever hasn't been too bad. sss

  4. Sounds like a magic cure to summer nature blues lol...Thanks for sharing!!

    Would love if you can link up to

    1. Thanks hun. xx
      I'll take a look at the link up. :)


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