Lego Palace Cinema 10232

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know I'm a huge Lego fan and have been enjoying building a few kits over the last year or so. We purchased the Lego Palace Cinema recently and below you'll find how the build went.


The fun thing with Lego is there's always something intriguing about the build. As you're piecing something together you're guessing what it is. You look at it wondering what on earth it could be, until you place one more piece and all of a sudden it dawns on you what it is. This happened to me with this...


When I added those front grills I realised it was a car.



After building the car we moved onto the base of the Cinema. I love Lego for the little touches, and the base is always fun to do. They don't just leave it as the red blocks, no, they need to be covered. And what else could you cover them with but a Star Walk right outside the Cinema of course!


Once the base was covered it was time to start building the Cinema itself.  The walls were fairly easy and I loved the posters.


Not only do Lego consider the building but they add cute touches to the inside too. In the Cinema you'll find a sweet counter, a drinks cabinet, and a popcorn machine. The doors into the Cinema are large swing doors which open and close and there are large windows which you can look through to see inside.

Moving on to the second level I squealed with joy when we started putting together the seating for the Cinema.

Putting them in was fun, there are two rows of seats and it actually started to look like a Cinema.

What Cinema is complete without a projector...

And a screen!

Of course the Cinema also needs customers and staff...

The second floor is placed on top...

The roof is just as intricate as the rest of the build, with tiny pieces fitting together to make decoration on the roof. 

We added the roof to the building and next we had to build the sign. I loved how this went together, it's not just letters but pieces of Lego placed in just the right way to form the letters. It's so cool!

When the Palace Cinema was finished it had to take pride of place right next to our Tower Bridge.

Do you have a favourite Lego build?

Best of Worst