Post Comment Love 16th - 18th September

Welcome back to another Post Comment Love, can you believe we're half way through September already? Where does the time go?

I'm happy to report my tidy kitchen survived the weekend! As did my utility room, the washing mountain is no longer a mountain, just a little hill. I have been tackling my ironing daily and that mountain is reducing too. The state of the house is improving by the day and although I have to do most of the jobs daily I'm slowly tackling bigger jobs. I even tidied my desk yesterday!

I've found that taking the little slots of time where I would usually stand around waiting for the kettle to boil or watch food cooking and using them for attacking my chores I get much more done. The dishwasher gets filled while I make myself a coffee, the washer gets put on while lunch is cooking, and by the time the boys have finished school most of my daily chores are done. 

Admittedly all this chore-attacking and working on the blog is tiring. From around 6:30am I don't stop, whether that's doing chores or working on the Mac. Most evenings since the boys went back to school I've been wiped out but the benefits are worth it. 

This week I have been working on productivity (blog wise) and thanks to Aby over at You Baby Me Mummy and her #MomBossSquad challenges I've got loads done. The next couple of weeks are planned, for the most part, and I even managed to do some brainstorming on Wednesday. Aby's aim is to help us all achieve and her course has been really helpful for me. There were two quotes she mentioned in her Facebook Live broadcast at the start of the week that I loved. The first was "You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé" which is so true and made me realise how much time I was wasting. The second was Parkinson's Law "A task expands to fit the time given for its completion" - this one has been the kick I needed. On day one, keeping Parkinson's Law in mind, I got 3 drafts done in a couple of hours. I don't think I've ever managed that before. You can join the challenge any time so if you want to improve your productivity head over to her blog and check out the 5 Day Productivity Challenge.

Blogger Showcase Pamela from AB Fiftyone

I found a passion for blogging back in 2013, when I started writing Life With Munchers, a family lifestyle and interiors blog. Originally it began as a hobby and ran in tandem to my full time job. However over the space of 3 years it has grown somewhat and has led me to set up my own marketing company in Aberdeen, AB Fiftyone.

It's amazing how blogging can give you opportunities that you never thought possible and I for one am glad that I've had my blog to fall back on and it has actually allowed me to showcase and evidence my capabilities and in turn give me a bit of an edge in what is a crowded marketplace in Aberdeen.

As such I now write for a number of blogs, including my new company blog, where I share local start-up stories alongside tips and guides to marketing trends and news. I'm hoping to give back to the blogging community who have supported me along my journey and a such, blogging outreach is part of my business watch this space!


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