Keeping the kids entertained and away from tablets

It's the summer holidays and the kids are excited, this means they can spend all day every day playing on their tablets right? My boys love their iPads and if I let them they would spend 24/7 playing games, watching YouTube clips and listening to their music, usually all at the same time! 

Being their mum though, I can't let them spend so much time looking at screens. This often makes me Evil Mum but, at least this time, I'm willing to accept the name. 

Entertainment is key. That's why they love the tablets so much, there's so much entertainment in one little device that they don't think they need anything else. Entertaining them away from tablets is a difficult task but sometimes you stumble across something that is like magic.

Enter V-Cubes

Described as the "21st century cube" the V-Cube is small, light, and portable, and will entertain your kids for hours on end. The idea is that you solve the puzzle. The V-Cubes come in lots of different sizes and are aimed at 8-14 year olds but to be honest they'll entertain children of all ages.

The Hubby showing LP how it's done!

If your kids like puzzles the V-Cubes are just what you need. They can be taken anywhere and will last a lifetime too because they don't need charging. On a long trip in the car the tablets won't last with a lot of use but the V-Cubes will entertain your kids the whole time. 

The V-Cube shape is a more rounded cube, it doesn't have sharp corners like other cubed puzzles and the movement is smooth. While playing with the V-Cube I found moving it around was much easier and much more pleasant than other cubed puzzles, it was a lot nicer to handle. 

The V-Cube is available in 11 different cubes in six colours priced at £8.50 - £54.00 and it's available at toy stores throughout the UK. You can buy them online too.

What we thought...

I love the V-Cube, the light and compact design means they can go in my handbag or in the kids bags and be taken anywhere. They're a handy toy and will keep the kids busy, even in those few minutes before a show starts. We've taken the V-Cubes with us in the car and to the in-laws to keep LP busy. So far he hasn't managed to solve the puzzle but he's still trying. 

The Hubby trying out the larger cube.

The V-Cube will appeal to anyone who likes a good puzzle, the Hubby took to them straight away and set about solving it. He did solve it, which kind of annoyed me a little because I can't do it!

This is as far as I got!

This great toy will keep your kids busy even after the tablet's battery has died.