A day off and a picnic

The last time we had a picnic with the boys LP was about 5 years old and BP was still in Primary School. It's not something we do very often, partly because of the UK weather but mostly because we just don't think of it. But with the summer holidays upon us and a promised day off work we all decided to take a football and the frisbees to our local park and have a lovely picnic.

A trip to the supermarket and an hour later and I had sandwiches and drinks packed and the boys were excited. It's funny how something as simple as a picnic can be so exciting.

The weather was lovely, it was sunny but there was a nice breeze and the odd cloud to provide some cover. As we sat down on our picnic blanket and ate our sandwiches together we talked about our plans for the holidays. It was so nice to sit so close together and chat.

After we'd finished eating LP was eager to get the football to kick around and BP wanted to throw the frisbee. They both played together with the ball and the frisbee for a while and then the Hubby decided he wanted to play too. I enjoyed watching them play together and hearing tips from both BP and the Hubby about how they should catch the frisbee. 


As I took a few photos the boys enjoyed playing together and I got to see all my boys with smiles on their faces. 


Then the Hubby decided it was time for me to play so I had to put my phone away (boo!). To be honest though I had a wonderful time playing with the frisbee with my boys. We threw the frisbee around and jumped to catch it (sometimes), we kicked the football, and we ran around. 

We had the park almost to ourselves, apart from the odd dog-walker, and it was brilliant. The boys could kick the football as hard as they wanted and it wouldn't bother anyone else. 


The Hubby and I both took our Kindles too, on the off chance the boys played nice together we could sit in the sun and read our books. It was so nice to be able to do that too, I didn't have to worry about the boys kicking the football into a road or fighting with each other. 

I enjoyed a little reading while the boys played.

It wasn't a trip to a theme park, and it wasn't a holiday in a different country, but our picnic was the best day we've spent together in a while. 

When was the last time you went for a picnic?