Top Tips for Planning The Perfect Family Holiday

Now we have all started getting back to normal after the Christmas madness; it’s time to start planning your summer holiday. It’s your job to plan and organise a trip they can treasure the memories of forever. But the hassle of planning a perfect family holiday can be stressful and overwhelming when you’re doing it by yourself. So here are some useful tips and tricks you can use to keep you and your whole family happy while you’re away.

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Get your family involved

Often parents will decide where they want to go and not involved their children in their decision. This can often lead to tantrums and arguments. So to help you decide, show your family some destination options that are suitable for your budget. That way you can discuss the activities, day trips and accommodation that is available and get everybody’s opinion. You could use brochures, the internet and maps to give everyone an idea of what it will be like to visit. You may realise that one destination is unsuitable for children or doesn’t have many activity packed adventures for you to try. After going through your options, you can then casts a vote and decide that way. This will take the pressure off you and ensure you’re choosing the right destination for your trip.

Save on your packing

Check with your accommodation to see what items they provide in your room such as soap and shampoo. Also, ask if they have a shop on site or nearby that you can use for toiletries and groceries. Knowing this information will mean that you can buy most of your items when you get to your destination. Therefore making your suitcases lighter and giving you one less thing to worry about beforehand.

Factor in some adult time

While it’s wonderful to spend time with your kids on holiday, having some alone time with your partner is vital too. Kids clubs and hotel babysitters are popular choices if you want to go for a drink, a romantic stroll or for a meal in the local area. You may have to be back for a particular time but at least, you can have an hour or two alone. Always check reviews before leaving your children and leave your phone number with them just in case.

Prepare for travelling

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling by land, sea or air your kids will be cranky and bored without entertainment. So to avoid any meltdowns, make sure you have plenty of travel-friendly books and games for them to play. You can also buy audio books and music for them to listen to which will keep them quiet for an hour or so. Also, remember to pack blankets, pillows and snacks to make the journey more comfortable for you all.

By using these tips and tricks, your holiday will be stress-free and enjoyable for all. Remember that your kids are growing up fast so spend time together having fun. Don't forget to take lots of photos and put them in an album when you get home so you can reminisce about your perfect trip.

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