10 Signs You're (Finally) a Grown Up

Yesterday I spent the day at Eden Hall, a day spa that I've visited many times and absolutely adore. I've been with friends and family lots of times but more recently have gone on my own. This is much better, I can please myself and don't need to entertain anyone - heaven!

Lady in a swimming pool, relaxing. When was the last time you switched off?

Visiting Eden Hall is a chance to switch off completely. They don't allow mobile phones anywhere in the spa, you have to keep them in your locker, and so you wander around completely disconnected. It is a refreshing experience. 

Being told to not have my phone with me meant that I didn't see notifications coming through, I didn't respond to emails immediately, and I wasn't consumed with thoughts and ideas for my next blog post. My head had time to clear and I did nothing but read, it was amazing.

That brings me onto my inspiration for this post. While in the conservatory drinking a coffee I decided to flick through Elle Magazine. I used to have a subscription to Elle and loved reading about the stars and the latest fashion. As I flicked through it I was... bored!

I couldn't believe it!

This is no reflection on Elle, far from it, like I said I used to have a subscription. No this is more about me.

It seems that I am no longer interested in the latest star gossip (I don't even know who most of the stars are), although I like fashion I am well aware that I don't wander the streets wearing the latest Dior outfit. 

At 35 years old I want to read interesting articles (or blog posts), I want to read something that moves me, that inspires. The latest star to lose lots of weight, or the latest shocking reveal in the world of actors, isn't what I call interesting anymore.

All this made me realise that I am (finally) a grown up and below you'll find 10 signs that prove that you are (finally) a grown up too!

Woman covering her lips (and face) in lipstick - "10 signs that you're (finally) a grown up"

1.  You would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt (or your pj's) than a fancy dress or smart outfit as see in the glossy magazines.

2.  Make-up... what make-up? Oh that's that bag of congealed horribleness that's been stuffed to the back of your pants drawer.

3.  Your skincare routine consists of soap/facewash and water.

4.  Manicured nails? If only! All the washing dishes and cleaning/polishing surfaces kills any hope of having nice hands.

5.  Your idea of a night on the town is a visit to your favourite restaurant with the Hubby/partner and then home.

6.  Drinking until the early hours doesn't happen. The only early hours you see are the ones before the school run (or the ones in the middle of the night because the baby is up, again).

7.  Pooey bottoms and sicky children are nothing compared to the thought of a "girl's night out". *Shudders*

8.  Your idea of a good night involved alcohol and a good movie in the comfort of your own home. Oh yes, and your pj's.

9.  Remembering at 11pm that uniforms need to be washed for the next morning and jumping up with enthusiasm to put your new washing machine through its paces.

10.  You don't know who Kylie Jenner is and don't recognise anyone on the cover of glossy magazines.

This list describes me pretty well so I'd say it's official, I am a grown up!

Oh dear... what now?

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