Blogger Showcase 1 - Catie from Diary of An Imperfect Mum

Welcome to my very first Blogger Showcase, something I've been meaning to start for a long time and never quite got round to it. It's because I wanted to showcase Catie and her blog that this series has started so I want to thank her for that.

Catie and I have become friends over the past few months, I love reading her blog and am honoured to be showcasing her here. I'm going to shut up now though and let Catie tell you all about herself, go for it Catie!

Meet the imperfect mum.

Hello, I’m Catie. I am a 40 something Expat mum, wife and teacher. I was born in Middlesbrough in the Northeast of England but since 2005 I have lived in Holland with my Dutch husband.

We have two boys (born in July 2006, and February 2009) they are mad about computer games and animals and are bilingual. We also have a dog, a very spoiled Beagle cross called Nova. We live in a small Dutch village between Amsterdam and the Haag that is famous for its flowers. I work part-time in an international school teaching children English.

In October 2014 I started writing the Diary of an imperfect mum

Blogging is like breathing out. For so long I felt like I was holding my breathe, bottling up thoughts, feelings and ideas. Now through blogging I am finally breathing out.

Blogging is therapy. It is my way of figuring out life's little difficulties and challenges, an opportunity to open up and speak honestly about what really matters to me.

Blogging is like having another baby. I started this blog with a few short pieces I had written and I have watched it grow. I am proud of what I have achieved so far but I am not talking about the statistics. Those matter of course as there is no point in writing if no-one reads but I am talking about the wonderful comments from people. People who have laughed, cried or perhaps learned something and felt compelled to tell me.

Blogging is addictive. I am neglecting my housework (pity) making my family pose for pictures too much and generally living and breathing blogging. Everything is a potential blog post.

I write features about our family life, parenting, craft/play ideas, reviews and quotes and I have a passion for photography. My regular posts include; Family Fun, Weekly Roundup, Words of wisdom, Book corner and Silent Sunday. I also host a linky called Family Fun, a new venture for me.

My eldest is autistic and through my blog I hope to introduce people to the boy and the family behind the diagnosis and to promote a better understanding and acceptance of autism. I was absolutely delighted to be named one of the most inspirational personal autism blogs of 2015. The diary of an imperfect mum has become my own, small way, of raising acceptance of difference. I am not an expert, I am just a mum advocating for her son and the more I write, the more I realise, it is actually my son who is teaching me.

At the heart of the Diary of an imperfect mum is me. I am a mum who is trying her best to get through each day with a smile on her face, a spring in her step and love in her heart. 

What a brilliant introduction Catie, it is so nice to learn about you and your story. Thank you for being my first featured Blogger and feel welcome to grab the badge below.

You can find Catie on: 

Check out two of Catie's favourite posts too:

Autism the invisible disability

These are both great posts and Autism the invisible disability is a particularly interesting read to a parent of 'normal' children. It opened my eyes and made me see that all children are different, I try to never be impatient with children I don't know but Catie's post made me more aware.

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I'd like to thank Catie (again) for being the first featured blogger.

If you'd like to be featured please do get in touch.

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