10 Reasons Donuts Are EVIL!

My weight graph this week looks pretty much the same as last week, it goes down throughout the week and then at the end of the weekend it jumps up again. It seems that even a small amount food that's bad for you can really do some damage!


I was doing so well last week and by Saturday I was at the lowest I've been for a while but on Saturday I ate pate on toast for lunch and steak for dinner, oh yes and the Hubby bought donuts. I just want to say that donuts are EVIL!!

They are the downfall of every single dieter in the land. 

10 reasons donuts are evil!

1.    They're absolutely covered in sugar.
2.    They're made from dough - you know, like bread.
3.    They're filled with jam (or custard).
4.    They taste so good that you can't resist them.
5.    Once you've had one you have to have another.
6.    The calorie content of one donut is equal to more than 400g Satsumas.
7.    When eating one you get covered in sugar and often drip jam onto your nice clean (white) shirt.
8.    That second donut makes you feel like you've eaten 6.
9.    You know you will put on weight.
10.  The weight you put on because you ate two donuts.

The funny thing is I don't actually enjoy them and often end up wondering why on earth I had them in the first place when I know they'll be the cause of weight gain.

I did so well last week, I didn't overdo it with the chocolate, I steered clear of the alcohol and it all seemed to be going well. The weight started to drop off and I lost 2.3lbs during the week, when Sunday came and I weighed myself I nearly cried. I'd put on that loss plus some!

This morning I've lost a little but I certainly haven't undone the damage. It'll probably take me a whole week to lose it again and that is so demotivating. 

Saying that though I'll do it, and next weekend I'm not having any donuts! I'll behave throughout the week, I've got a couple of nice, but healthy, meals planned and I'll be drinking lots more water. That's one of the things that helped me last week I think, I drank a lot more water than usual. 

The orange juice to replace my morning coffee didn't work too well, it made me put on weight and when I stopped drinking it I started losing weight. I still wanted to cut down on my coffee drinking though so I decided to have water instead, it seems to have worked and I'll be continuing that this week. I just hope it carries on working.

The boys are on half term next week so that's going to be fun, keeping them busy and fed without putting weight on myself is a challenge. I'll be gathering ideas of fun things to do to occupy them, we've got crafts and games at home. 

It'll take some willpower to keep the weight off then, but I'll do it, I'm clinging to that willpower at the moment.

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