The Nonsense Show Review

I've spent lots of time over the years trying to encourage my boys to read. I think it's really important that they do and any book that interests them I buy hoping that it will capture their imagination. 

BP has never enjoyed reading, he'll start reading a book and then give up or "forget" about it. 

LP loves to read. He's got all kinds of books and the bookcase in his room is almost full. He'll try out anything, from The BFG to Mr Men books. I like him to read proper books like The BFG but I don't mind it when he chooses the simpler ones because it gives him a chance to just enjoy it.

The Nonsense Show Review | Morgan's Milieu: The Nonsense Show by Eric Carle

The Nonsense Show, by Eric Carle, is an odd book because there is no story. It is simply pages with words that don't make a lot of sense but that is the whole point. The book is a collection of nonsense things and LP for one thinks it's great.

The Nonsense Show Review | Morgan's Milieu: You'll find more nonsense on every page.

The pictures are bright and colourful and LP laughed a few times at the nonsense. Mice chasing cats, fish in bird cages, it's all very nonsensical but fun.

This book, in a weird way, teaches our children. They begin to understand that mice don't really chase cats, or that fish belong in the water. When the realisation hits and the smile spreads across their face it's really something. 

The Nonsense Show Review | Morgan's Milieu: Hand drawn illustrations, nonsense, and bright colours. A fantastic book for youngsters.

LP has asked me to read this book to him lots over the past couple of weeks. He enjoys the nonsense.

You can buy The Nonsense Show from Amazon for £12.08, simply click the link.

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