SlinkyLinks Jewellery Review and Giveaway

I love jewellery, from big dangly earrings to cute little rings. It's just another way to express myself. Anything that sparkles will always catch my eye but I also like unique pieces of jewellery. The kind that someone would comment on not because of the sparkles but because it's different.

Cue SlinkyLinks jewellery

SlinkyLinks Jewellery Review and Giveaway | Morgan's Milieu: Pink Necklace and Earrings set from SlinkyLinks.
SlinkyLinks small circle, double-sided necklace and earrings set

SlinkyLinks jewellery is handmade from leather by one very talented lady, Melodie.

I asked Melodie how she got started making this unique jewellery:

"I started SlinkyLinks in 2013 after working for a couple of years in the footwear industry. Seeing all the leather cast-off going to waste, I decided to think of a use for them. That's how I started making leather jewellery."

The great thing about this jewellery is that it's not using any old leather, Melodie is using reclaimed leather. She partners with other designers who work from leather making shoes, bags or other leather goods. Because Melodies works from scraps she can only create a limited number of the same design, which means that when you buy SlinkyLinks jewellery it is truly unique.

SlinkyLinks Jewellery Review and Giveaway | Morgan's Milieu: Melodie hand makes each piece of jewellery at SlinkyLinks.

Melodie also says: 

"To complement the leather, I choose good quality materials that won't tarnish over time. This allows my customers to wear my products over and over again."

The jewellery is light and stylish and will go with any outfit. The clasp has three loops it can connect to, meaning you can wear the necklace at different lengths if you choose.

SlinkyLinks jewellery prices range from just £10 to £60, all the jewellery available on the Etsy Store is limited so grab it while you can! 

SlinkyLinks Jewellery Review and Giveaway | Morgan's Milieu: SlinkyLinks earrings being modelled.

Melodie also offers her services for custom orders. If you have an idea you can send her a picture and she'd be happy to create something unique for you. 

You can find SlinkyLinks Jewellery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Melodie has kindly offered to giveaway the Pink Necklace and Earrings Set to one lucky Morgan's Milieu reader. 

If you'd love to receive the jewellery pictured at the top of this post please enter the Rafflecopter giveaway. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck!

Terms and conditions

UK entries only.
Giveaway closes on 30th November.
No cash alternative.
The winner will be contacted within 2 days.

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